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The Infinite Leverage System ILS – Review – Does Click Brilliance Provide Quality Traffic?

So…another MLM? I know what you’re thinking, slim chance that the Infinite Leverage System is something that you want to invest your time and money in. Well, this product is a little bit different as it is headed by some major MLM heavy-hitters and has the potential to make you a boat load of money. So you may be asking yourself, what is this system and what can it do for my business? Here are some facts as well as a little bit of background on the Infinite Leverage System and the products they have to offer.




Infinite Leverage System (ILS) is an online software suite that focuses on internet marketing and MLM traffic generation. One of its stand out tools is Click Brilliance which has the potential to take the marketing world by storm. Online traffic is the key to any successful business that you promote or offer others. Anything you sell, anything you promote, you have to have eyes on them. That is where the Infinite Leverage System and the amazing Click Brilliance platform come into play. Anybody who runs an internet business will tell you, traffic is everything and so is automation. So, not only is automation and traffic extremely important but so is the ability to leverage systems.





So, what does it have to offer?


Ok, so no more beating around the bush. If you have been in network marketing for any amount of time you already know the stuff I am telling you about. Traffic, automation, and leveraging…got it! At this point you are wondering where the Infinite Leverage system comes into play and how their products can impact your business. So, this is what they have to offer the following Click Brilliance modules:


– Advanced link tracking system

– Website monitoring and optional redirection

– Pop-ups and countdown timers

– Mobile tracking and redirection

– Website rotator

– Split tester

– Duplicate click redirection

– Geo targeting





Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey, and Greg Chambers are behind this amazing system which makes your life much easier. You can get all of these amazing modules for $27 a month. This is essentially a way to bring traffic to your website without all of the hassle that comes with it. The Infinite Leverage System does all of the work for you. You can also purchase additional traffic packages that will help you drive even more traffic to your website or opportunity. It could not possibly get any easier.


With the Click Brilliance marketing suite you also get loaded with goodies and tools to help you build your business. Depending on which package you purchase, you can get a specific number of clicks to your website or opportunity. These are all low-cost options when you factor in the work that you would be putting into directing all of this traffic to your site! These are the different packages that are available for you to choose from




Infinite Leverage Comp Plan Price Packages


Commissions and Marketing


Ok, so far that is pretty amazing right? Traffic to your website without all of the hassle of getting those eyes on your product or opportunity yourself. I’d say that makes the Click Brilliance marketing suite sound pretty promising. Once you pay the $29 a month to become an official member you can then promote the opportunity to others and receive a $20 commission for every person that you bring into the Infinite Leverage System. If you have been in this business for a while, you already know a few people and have made some connections. So that should be pretty easy.


Did you know that more than 70 million people never leave their homes to go to work? While it may sound like a lot, the global population is around 7 billion. But to a network marketer that is huge! Why? Because these are the individuals that you are going to be able to market the Infinite Leverage System to. And that 70 million number is only going to grow over a matter of time. More people are going to be seeking out opportunities and more people are going to be laying eyes on your product or opportunity. So, that is huge!


More about the Compensation Plan


Ok, so I just mentioned that you receive $20 for every warm body that you bring into the company. Even though that is awesome, it gets even better! The Infinite Leverage System not only offers you a recruitment commission but a pass-up commission as well. What this could mean for your pocket book will absolutely astound you. So, how this type of commission system work?






The Infinite Leverage System uses the one-up compensation structure which pays you commission based on the purchase of traffic packages as well as affiliates. This plan assures that every sale is passed up on the second, fourth, sixth, and every fifth sale from then on out. Affiliates do not count as individual sales but as pass-ups. These commissions are then paid out when those affiliates buy a traffic package. These are the six packages in which they can choose from.


– Basic 170-190 clicks for $220

– Bronze 340-380 clicks for $440

– Silver 510-570 clicks for $660

– Gold 850-950 clicks for $1097

– Platinum 1700-1900 clicks for $2197

– Titanium 3400-3800 clicks for $4297


Each affiliate earns commission when someone who is officially coded to them buys a package. Everyone that is recruited with the exception of every second, fourth, sixth and fifth are then coded to the person who initially offered them the opportunity. Any of those affiliates that have not been coded travel to the up line.


It is very important to remember that if a particular affiliate is passed up and they purchase a bigger traffic package than the original up line affiliate, then the affiliate’s is passed up to a higher level affiliate. You should also note that only the level that has been passed up stays that way and any lower package levels will remain with the original affiliate.


Sound complicated? It will all make sense once you become an affiliate and can track sales in your back office area. If you are confused, don’t be, just keep in mind the limitless money there is to be made. Listed below is the actual commission structure when a sale is made and not passed up.


– Basic $100

– Bronze $200

– Silver $300

– Gold $500

– Platinum $1000

– Titanium $2000




I want to join, so now what?


With this amazing compensation plan that the Infinite Leverage System has to offer, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! The basic affiliate membership is $29 a month and the packages vary from $220-$4297. Watching the compensation plan video will help you tremendously. If you are having trouble understanding it, I recommend you watch it right away. You don’t want to miss this opportunity!


If you are still not sure if you want to invest in this program and purchase one of the Click Brilliance packages then here are some reasons why you should change your mind. For starters, you are not only going to be making endless commissions off of your recruits and sales, but you are also generating traffic to your business. And what does traffic to your business or opportunity mean? It means more money in the bank. So there you go, you have created traffic, automation, and leverage, the three most important keys to network marketing. Endless income, endless opportunity, and more eyes on your opportunity! The Infinite Leverage System has the ability to do most of the work for you!







There are two different types of people. There are the type that go from opportunity to opportunity, seeking that easy, no work required, get-rich-quick scheme. Then there are the true entrepreneurs of the world who pick a business, stick with it, and put everything they can into it. Once they find something good, they stick with it. They drive traffic to their website, they automate their business as much as possible, and they leverage their business. Those are the network marketers that succeed in the world. Those are the network marketers that choose the Infinite Leverage System and watch their businesses soar.


The Infinite Leverage System and the Click Brilliance forum has the ability to change the way network marketers do business for years to come. Driving traffic to your business and leveraging the income you receive from the sales you make off of your business is the true key to success in network marketing. The Infinite Leverage System brings more money into your pocket and allows you to focus on what is more important to you and your business. This is done through automation, traffic, and leveraging. The Infinite Leverage System has all three of those keys, so now it is time for you to open the door to network marketing success!


It's your turn!

Without traffic, nothing else happens.  With hundreds of internet and network marketers struggling to get eye balls on their offer.  With Infinite Leverage System it will absolutely explode your business.  No more bugging your friends and family, or harassing strangers at the mall, Starbucks and gas stations.  Welcome push button traffic at the tip of your fingers.  Get started and secure your spot with your 7-day trial by clicking on the button below!




Infinite Leverage Trial


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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