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Robert Hollis Review – How Is That Working?

Books play a big role when it comes to changing your thinking and shaping your mindset. All the evolution which humans have experienced till now has all been because of the theories presented in the books practiced in the real world. Therefore, one of the most important habits that a person can to do become successful, is to pickup a good book and learn from someone who has what they want.


The common notion among the masses is that that they don’t think of themselves as ones who follow books and think of their practice as better and effective than books. Being an entrepreneur myself, I feel no shame in accepting that books are what I have learned from and books have reformed the way I thought about entrepreneurship and business for better. One such book, which I recently read, is How is That Working? By Robert Holis. In this blog post, I'll be sharing below a few nuggets that I picked up along the way.


Robert-Hollis---How-is-that-working---A-Roadmap-from-Rat-Race-to-Freedom-2Robert Holis:


Robert Holis is an entrepreneur evangelist. After facing a tragic accident in his life, he went on to become one of the top leaders in the Network Marketing profession.  He has excelled in other fields of marketing equally such as Internet Marketing and other online businsses.  Besides helping 44 millionaires establish businesses, Robert continues to inspire new entrepreneurs and encourages people to look at entrepreneurship and network marketing and make residual income from it. Therefore, when it comes to online marketing or ways of residual income then the teachings of Robert Holis are what need to be be shared in today's economy.


How is That Working?


The book had me thinking from two different perspectives. First is the significance of the content of the book, while the other area of analysis will be the overall message of the book. I'll be discussing in greater detail about the book from both these perspectives.




From the content point of view, the book gives evident examples for aspiring entrepreneurs that can help them in becoming a better business person. The book clearly explains the business model of network marketing and how one can start a network marketing business whilst continuing their 9-5 J.O.B.  The book talks about in detail the steps an entrepreneur can take to establish a business and shares the potential pitfalls that a home based business owner needs to avoid while establishing and managing their business.  Therefore, those who wish to know the dynamics of owning a network marketing business and want to set a reputable and residual income for them the book can serve as a good source of guidance that lays everything out step by step. Hence, if you don’t  have a mentor and want to earn residual income from network marketing, then you need to get hold of this book and the content of it will open its secrets upon you, provided that you are ready for it.




From message point of view, although the book is primarily talks about network marketing but also talks about managing your expectations and mindset, however, it is much more than that and serves as a preaching and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs. By reading this book the budding entrepreneurs can gather hope and step into the world of business with a hope that they can also achieve success and make money from doing what they love. Therefore, if you are in a midlife crisis, have nothing going for you, are desperate about making money other than your job, then you need to read this book. It will open new horizons and give you hope that it is never too late and just by being smart you can make a handsome amount of money.


Now it’s Your Turn!


For those who haven’t read this book, I highly recommend you get this book?  Speaking of books, please feel free to share any books that you feel that has changed your life and your business.  I'm looking forward to reading your feedback in the comments section!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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26 Responses to “Robert Hollis Review – How Is That Working?”

  1. Nomusa

    Sounds like a good and informative read. I agree with you Nate. Reading sharpens the mind and opens a whole new world for the reader to learn from. I am currently reading Aviva Engel’s The Power of Forgiveness and it’s helping me clear some unforgiveness that I was holding on to that was poisoning my thinking.

  2. Julia F.

    I think another extremely helpful book for entrepreneurs that needs to be added to this list is “Liber8 Your Business” by author Laura Humphreys (http://liber8yourbusiness.com/…. The website allows you to sample the book before you buy it! This book is for anyone who has a business that is entirely dependent on them. I have a bit of a problem with control and this book made me realize if I don’t come up with another plan of managing I am going to be working hard nonstop for as long as my business is running. The author stresses that business owners need to immediately design their exit strategy and plan backwards! There is a workbook that accompanies the book as well as exercises and tutorials. I am such an interactive learner and this was a great way to learn some practical and life-changing business methods. Hopefully this book can make it onto a future recommendation list!

  3. Ryan Biddulph


    Sounds like an awesome book dude! As usual the great ones use tragedy as a springboard to triumph. Def need to take a look at it.

    Thanks Nate!

  4. Maggie Pimm

    Hi Nat
    thanks for sharing, I think it is worthwhile reading, and commenting on it,


  5. Amanda

    Thanks for the recommendation. Ive added the book to my reading list.

  6. Mary Austin

    We sure have come a long way from the Big Al books that Tom Shreiter wrote a million years ago. A good marketer is always feeding the mind with new insights learned from books. Thanks for telling us about this one.

  7. Krystle

    A book that I will definitely need to add to my list. You share some great points. Thanks Nate!

  8. Erika Mohssen-Beyk

    This seems to be a good book ,
    I too never heard of it .Usually I am reading books
    that somehow jump on me and show up 2-3 times ,
    usually this have been the right ones for me .
    I am sure this book will jump on the people who need it .
    Thank you for this interesting post ,Nate

  9. David W. Murphy

    Nate, I haven’t read this book…yet, but sounds like a must read. Thanks for sharing!

    Have you read The E-Myth? Fast, easy read, but very powerful information that I have reread many times.

  10. Monna Ellithorpe

    Hi Nate,

    I am definitely putting this one on my wish list. I am in the middle of reading a few now and making myself finish those before I get anything else.

    Have a great day. Monna

  11. Christian

    Wow… sounds like a great book.

    Leaders are readers and I’m always looking for something new to digest. This is one I’ll be getting soon.

  12. priya

    Never heard of this book but I love your articles and if you’re recommending have to check it out.

  13. Lori

    I have never heard of this book, but I will definitely check it out. I’ve been looking at network marketing as a way to bring in residual income, but I’ve never really known how to get started. Thank you for helping me find a starting point.

  14. Sharyn

    Thank you, Nate, for adding to my To Be Read list!
    I always recommend starting with The Slight Edge.
    I think his lessons can then be applied to everything else we learn.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Denise Pattton

    I have read 3 life changing books Nate:




    Reading is one of the things I miss most … it can take you a lifetime to acquire the knowledge that is shared in just 1 book xxx

  16. Lisa Thompson

    I have never heard of Robert Hollis. This is a book I will definitely be checking out as I am always looking for new inspiring books to read

  17. Francene Stanley

    I love to hear about how a person turns a set-back into a triumph. This is one of the best things about the human spirit. And ye, I can remember every book that changed the way I think. I hope my novels will do the same for someone else.

  18. Amar Naik

    for aspiring enterprenuer like me, the book has lot of things to learn. thanks for sharing.

  19. Yippeedaniel

    Hi Nate, You look good in that picture, nice smile. Please am in Nigeria how can i get the book?.

  20. Carrie Medford

    I love Robert Hollis! Though I have yet to read his book, it is on my list! Right now I am reading Go Pro by Eric Worre, another of my Network Marketing Idols!

  21. Clara

    It’s great when you find a book that really speaks to you. Sounds like a winner.

  22. Jeanne Melanson

    I love books that inspire me to change my mindset. I haven’t read this one, but I am currently reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, M.D. I will keep my eyes open for “How is That Working?” Thanks, Nate! Awesome!