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The Rippln Movement Has Begun – Are You Game?

Every century or so, some incredible advancement in human technologies and intellectual capacity takes place that is of such significant proportions we can only properly denote it a revolution. For us, this advancement was the Internet. Ever since the rise of the Internet and desktop computers, the world has, quite literally, become a different place. It allows for different business, for new ideas to arise faster and in different ways, and for all of this to be shared in new and novel places through new and novel media.


But for some reason, it takes a long time for someone to develop a near-perfect business model built around the technology. You would think that, if someone can create a network like the Internet, someone else would figure out the seemingly simpler problem of business and the Internet. This was not the case until recently, however, when Rippln began to take advantage of the Internet as a perfect way to spread digital, marketing, and social information, as well as taking advantage of the mobile app market. It wasn’t until just a few days ago, in fact, so it’s reasonable to ask what Rippln is, how it works, and why you want in.


What Is Rippln?

The Rippln Movement Has Begun –  Are You Game?
The Rippln Movement Has Begun – Are You Game?


[It’s] the change in tide. It’s a new wave, and a new way. ~ Team Revolution


Rippln is a novel new idea that grows out of some fairly elementary concepts. It's part of a brand new business model called, “Incentivized Sharing”.  At heart, Rippln is an app in the mobile gamification space.  And . . . That’s about as much as one can say without leaving out details. Rippln is designed as a Swiss Army-style app, one that can more or less do it all for you – whatever it and all might be. Rippln has features that allow you to buy, share, and trade various products, adding to its functionality.


That’s Rippln the app. Rippln the idea is the brilliant addition of sharing into the mixture. In the beginning – that is, right now – only a few thousand people have Rippln. The only way to get it is via invite. And the only way you can secure an invite is to sign up for someone’s Ripple, or get one sent straight to you. The thing about this that is great is that Rippln is free, and as more and more people join your ripple (your group of followers, so to speak), more and more people will be contributing to a pool of cash from which you can earn money.


How Did Rippln Start?


Rippln grew out of the realization that an application that generated money for users based on how much they shared it, not how well they were able to sell it, would make for a brilliant way to generate income that has simply never been done before. Rippln was released to only 1,000 people on April 12th, 2013, for them to share as they would. Since then, it’s grown considerably, but there’s still a lot of potential for growth. Just think – if you get it, you can invite thousands of new users in just a few months, and each user they invite will also be a part of your ripple. This makes for a massive upsizing of your ripple, which, later, will make for lots of cash.


Another underlying idea of Rippln is the belief that ordinary people should have an easier time generating passive income for themselves that they can enjoy for their own personal use. To date, this has been hard to do, and just about every opportunity to do so has required a lot more capital and know-how to build up to the level of effective income generator than most people have or want to put in. With Rippln, things are easier: If you know how to use a smartphone, you can make some cash. If you’re willing to read and experiment just a little bit more, you can make a lot of cash.


How does Ripple Generate Cash For Those Who Want To Be Rippln Players?


Just as money doesn’t grow on trees, Rippln doesn’t pay out of thin circuitry. The specific details are complex, as the details of just about any revolutionary idea are. But the big idea is this: Every time someone in your Ripple sends money through Rippln, they contribute to your monetary flow. That is, some of the real money they send through Rippln becomes part of a pot you collect. This goes for any money they send through Rippln – whether it’s used to buy movie tickets, text books, or just about anything else.


Rippln has a multitude of ways to actually dole out this cash, depending on whether you prefer ACH transfers or whatever. Point is, everyone in your ripple contributes to your cash flow, and you are guaranteed access to that cash flow after you monetize your Ripple. This is the process of making yourself eligible for payment, which occurs after you’ve grown a sizable enough Ripple.


Taking a Look


So that’s what Rippln is, and what Rippln promises. But what does Rippln do? When I first heard about Rippln, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. It sounds like a pretty good deal, so it pays to be skeptical; I went into it expecting little, but hoping for a lot. Happily, I got a lot. Rippln really is a Swiss Army knife of an application. I use it for just about everything from to-do lists to event planning, so you better bet your first-timer impression will be positive. It's going to change the way we do social media and mobile apps with Rippln and see what it can do, so I highly recommend spending some time familiarizing yourself with it.  Position yourself.   Get ready for a Ripple!  This way, you can ensure you’ll know your way around sufficiently well so you can maximize your profits in the future.


After I got familiar with Rippln, I started to share it. I did this slowly at first, just to close friends and family who I thought would be interested. Eventually, this was enough for me to to know that in the future I will be able to monetize, and at that point, I realized that Rippln really does have enormous potential. I wasn’t making much at first, since all I was doing was sending it to a handful of people. But, it was clear that it could definitely be a profitable tool. That was when I decided to take advantage of Rippln a little more, and began looking into more strategic marketing.


Upping the Ante


Obviously, marketing your ripple is a little bit different to just sending invites to your best friends. Marketing is a complicated process, and going about it in any hyper-simplified way is almost sure to be unsuccessful. Just to add to the challenge is the fact that, even if you develop a complicated, viable model, it might not be relevant to the current market – only an expert with a lot of experience or a lot of data would know. This makes it seem like marketing your Ripple would be almost impossible for most normal people without marketing educations.


Fortunately, the Rippln Team gives anyone involved in Rippln access to a wide variety of resources to promote Ripple. This makes the task of marketing one’s Ripple much easier, since it’s practically done for you. This brings together your (newfound) marketing prowess and your social network in a big way, enabling you to exploit both heavily for serious cash flow.


What to Expect


Since Rippln hasn't officially launched yet Rippln fans and players really don't know too much on what to expect as it's in the beginning stages, you’ll almost immediately see some income from Rippln once it goes live. This is because at least one person in your Ripple will be buying something through the service, whether it be show tickets or a new book. Happily, every person this person invites also contributes to your Ripple, giving your income multiple source levels. This means you can expect a steadily growing trickle of income from day one.


Eventually, those, this trickle ceases to grow, and it probably won’t be big enough to buy you a Ferrari when it does. This is where marketing comes in handy. If you take things into your own hands, even just a little bit, you can expect a radical jump in activity. The easiest way to do this is to advertise through all the media available to you – through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as Rippln itself. This way, everyone who follows you will hear of this new place to express their loyalty. Developing a solid Rippln network can be done in a variety of ways, but exploiting your current networks and telling everyone who follows you there to transfer their attention to Rippln is a great way to start.


Benefits of Becoming Part of the Rippln Revolution


Being a part of the Rippln Revolution has a number of perks. Of course, you can make a lot of money – that’s always cool. But you also become part of a large and growing network of like-minded people, who will quickly become your colleagues and friends on this journey. You’ll get access to a lot of perks, coupons, and other such things that you can only redeem as a part of Team Revolution. And you’ll get all sorts of experience marketing through modern social networks. Even if you don’t go the whole nine yards and try to make a whole lot out of your Ripple, you’ll at least see how it works – this is important experience and knowledge to have, so you’ll always get something out of it.


The Ripplyn revolution also brings you face to face with one of the most innovative applications on the market today. Rippln does a lot of stuff – any description of it would necessarily be incomplete, due to the nature of the app, so you really have to try it for yourself.


I’m looking forward to taking advantage of these perks multiple times myself, and I must say that they’re the kind of thing you’ll have a lot of fun enjoying. There’s something about exclusive deals available to only you and a few others that makes them fun to redeem. Stack on top of that the sheer value of the deals and you’ve got an altogether brilliant set of perks you just can’t pass up.


Aside from that, income really does count as a perk. Once you’ve gotten your Ripple going to a reasonable size, it will become self-sustaining and self-growing. This is the critical point of Ripple development, and it’s what everyone’s shooting for.  Rippln offers people a way to make a ton of money over time, if only they put in a little bit of time at the beginning. While that’s the very purpose of this app, it also counts as a perk. I didn’t think much of it at first until my Ripple grew large enough to bring me enough to buy things I actually wanted – it really is a blessing if you make it one.  I've also aligned myself with some of the top leaders in Rippln and rest assure you are connected with the right people.


In The End


Ultimately, I am having fun sharing what Rippln has to offer, and spreading my Ripple. It’s something of a process for me, since I’ve decided to be very proactive in building my ripple. Since I only spend a few minutes a day sharing the new concept.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fun and reasonably easy way to generate a second income. And for those who don’t, I’d still recommend downloading the app. That way, you’ll be able to take advantage of what Ripple has to offer, where you can share cool stuff, neat information, and useful Rippln news for you to use and enjoy, and you’ll be able to enjoy the versatility of the Rippln application, as well as share it with your friends should you ever choose to. Rippln is really a win-win application, and the Rippln Revolution a win-win situation for anyone who chooses to participate.

To your Success,

Nate Leung

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