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Pure Leverage Review – Is It Worth It?

Almost everyone who’s spent a reasonable amount of time surfing the web knows at least a little bit about affiliate and multi-level marketing. For those who don’t, affiliate marketing is a practice where affiliates of a certain company are awarded for visitors they bring to that company’s website and any sales of the company’s products they effect. Multi-level marketing is related, but distinct. In these programs, you are rewarded for the people you recruit, but also for the people they recruit and the sales they make as well. This is different from single-level marketing, where a salesperson is rewarded for the sales he or she makes directly to a customer.


A new affiliate marketing program that’s generating quite a bit of attention from a lot of people is Pure Leverage. Pure Leverage is an affiliate marketing program that provides its subscribers with a wealth of tools they can use to build and grow their income. Pure Leverage is all at once complex and easy to understand, so we’ll discuss how it works, what’s in it for you, and all the other details right here, so you can get started with Pure Leverage if you see it’s for you.


Pure Leverage Review - Nate LeungPure Leverage: An Overview


Like we mentioned above, Pure Leverage is an affiliate marketing system that allows you to make money not only for sales you make and recruitments you effect, but also for any further sales the people you recruit make, and any recruitments they make, as well. This means you’re compensated in the manner of a single-level salesperson while still receiving compensation from your downline.



There are a variety of things Pure Leverage offers you to help you make this happen. Perhaps the most eye-catching offerings are the instructive materials. Pure Leverage offers you several products you can market (more on that later), but also a bunch of tools that help you learn how to market them. That means signing up for Pure Leverage is a great way to learn how to engage customers on the Internet, start a blog, develop testimonials for any business you might be running, and generate traffic for any blog or site you have up. These are all essential skills for anyone who wants to be even reasonably successful in online business, and it’s great that Pure Leverage offers a way to learn them.


Pure Leverage also offers an outstanding 100% commission for your first month, 50% commission after, and 50% affiliate commissions through your sign-ups and sales. These are extremely generous rates, especially in comparison to what you’d likely earn if you were working with any other affiliate marketing program. What’s more, Pure Leverage is only $25 a month. That’s an impressive number and an impressive deal, since most comparable programs are around $300 per month or more, and sometimes require monthly payments of up to $100 to maintain membership status. Now that you know what the Pure Leverage program by GVO is, it’s time to learn about the individual tools they offer.


The Pure Leverage Live Meeting Room


The Live Meeting Room is exactly what it sounds like – a large, virtual meeting room in which you can host meetings with your members, recruits, and prospects, without having to do more than hit a button. This is a great way to stay in touch with your team, bring new people to it, boost morale, and get people to do a better job in general. Taking advantage of the Live Meeting Room is one of the easiest ways to get Pure Leverage to work for you.


Pure Leverage Video Email Service


Having a free video email service is a boon. This service allows you to choose video templates, edit them, and send them to your team members and prospective members. Like the live meeting room, this is a productive way to stay in touch, share ideas, and keep people motivated to do their jobs to the fullest.


Pure Leverage Turbo Traffic GeneratorPure Leverage Review


Turbo Traffic Generator is a set of rules and guidelines you can employ to generate huge amounts of traffic for your site and blog. Obviously this is important – the more people you get to see your operation, the more likely you are to get a large number to sign up, and the more likely you are to get people to sign up, the more likely you are to make a lot of money on commission. The Turbo Traffic Generator also shows you how to exploit social media and popular search engines like Google and Bing to get more and more visitors.


Free Blog


The blog is one of the best features you’ll enjoy with Pure Leverage. The blog is your outlet to your prospective customers and your current team – it’s where you should be sharing your ideas, your business moves, and other such information. Without a blog, you wouldn’t be able to do much in the way of business, so it’s grand that Pure Leverage provides one. This is an essential outlet you’ll be taught how to take full advantage of, so use it wisely.


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Auto-Responding Emails


Another nice feature you’ll get when you sign up for Pure Leverage is their auto-responding email feature. These are professional responses that will be sent to people who try to contact you when you’re “on vacation”, allowing you to always “stay in touch” with prospective customers and team members. The auto-response feature is a useful tool to take advantage of if you’re frequently out on business or other issues.


Elite Coaching ProgramPure Leverage Review


This is the biggie. Joel Therien and Pure Leverage offer you a comprehensive Internet marketing coaching system. It’s like having the best of the best available 24/7, ready at any point in time to answer your questions and help you set things up the way you want them set up. The Elite Coaching Program promises to make you profitable in the first 30 days if you follow the steps right. This in combination with all of the above features is practically guaranteed to get you earning additional income, making it a fantastic way to add a little something to your wallet.


Making the Most of Pure Leverage


Pure Leverage isn’t for everyone . . . But it is definitely an option for most people. It can be a hugely profitable system for you if you have the time to invest to make it a big project for you. In the event you have a full-time job and just want a little bit of extra income, Pure Leverage is still a relevant option that you can make quite a lot from. Setting up the blog and website the way they instruct and keeping in regular touch with the Pure Leverage team is an easy way to become an efficient online marketing professional who pulls in good extra money with little extra work.


Is Pure Leverage for me?


The general answer to this question is simple – yes, it is. If you’ve got any Internet savvy (read: enough to open a browser), want a little extra money, and have even a little bit of extra time and cash on your hands, Pure Leverage is probably the right choice for you. It offers an extensive coaching program, a wide variety of resources you can employ to make your business grow, and a variety of easy ways to maintain that income over time. Pure Leverage is everything you need in an online marketing program – it’s coach, product, and plan, all in one. So sign up now by clicking here.  You won’t regret it!   Be sure to contact me here and I have some awesome bonuses to share.

To your Success,

Nate Leung

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