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Neucopia Review – What’s the Lowdown?

The Internet marketing world has lately been buzzing with excitement over Neucopia – the latest 100% commission system. It is an income-generating education program introduced to the markets globally on June 4, 2012.


Rick-Cook-and-Ryan-Williams-Nate-Leung-NeucopiaThe company’s mantra is to help members generate substantial affiliate income, since they believe that 80% of the revenue generated online is affiliate income. The company’s tagline says it all. They are here to help you obtain abundance in your life. Not an awfully unique idea…Don’t they all cash this notion? Well, of course they do. Why would someone overlook the possibility of staggering growth this idea might offer to their company? Emulating the success of an experienced player is absolutely understandable.


Let’s dig into the details of Neucopia.  That is the reason why you are here right?


The word Neucopia is derived from “Copia,” a Latin term that means abundance. Rich Cook, the CEO of the company is apparently determined to provide abundance to the members in every aspect of their life. Upon joining, Neucopia members are not only given the privilege of making friends worldwide, but are also provided access to multiple tools, income generating strategies and monthly live training sessions by some of the finest, million-dollar internet marketers.


What products do Neucopia members get?


Neucopia offers products in two membership levels:


A Scam or a Genuine Business Opportunity?

1. Basic Membership


Basic members receive a large library of strategies, income-generating tools, and trainings, such as:


1. Affiliate Marketing Training: Some of the top internet marketers unveil their secret to success. You’ll learn tips, tricks and strategies that made them successful.


2. Forex Trading and Stock Market Secrets: You’ll not only learn the local Forex market trends, but also the ins and outs of foreign stock market.


3. Real Estate Training: Basic members are given access to multiple real estate strategies to excel in this field regardless of their experience level and background.


4. Tax Advantages: Basic members learn the skill of claiming deduction for their business. Moreover, they discover simple ways to write off information like mileage, travel expenses, gifts, meals and entertainment.


5. Debt Consolidation and Elimination Strategies: It is impossible to become wealthy if you are in debt. Basic membership gives you access to some highly effective tools and methods of eliminating debt in no time.


6. Wealth 101: Lean ways to become a part of the 5% population that are making money vigorously.


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2. Premier Membership


Premier membership offers all the amenities provided to the basic members plus additional facilities, such as access to training videos and special webinars. To your surprise, premier members are not only given access to the live sessions by Matt Trainer – the industry legend, but also to the system that enabled him to make more than 15 million dollars. You need to pay $169 per month to get premier membership.


According to Rich,  Neucopia's program is an improved version of the 100%-commission model previously offered by other companies. He took 2 up Plan and eliminated the element hated by most network marketers, i.e. losing the first two distributors. Instead, he presented a plan that offers a $10 monthly residual in addition to the bonus income on pass-ups.


Here is the compensation plan for Neucopia



Neucopia - Compensation Plan

Is Neucopia Right For You?


Are you considering on building a global business?  Neucopia gives you a perfect opportunity to do so. Moreover, Neucopia’s top income generator made more than $11,000 during the initial 24 hours. It is a pretty great figure, isn’t it?  Click here if you are serious being a partner with Neucopia.   On the inside, will reveal more information and answer any questions you may have.




To your Success,

Nate Leung

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