Internet Marketing Tips On How to Avoid Facebook Jail

For those people who are marketers, it is important for them to know useful internet marketing tips. Facebook is a good site and as well as a damage to your business. If you have never been told of horror stories in Facebook, then, this is the time to know that you can be jailed for doing thing in Facebook. This article will be able to guide you through how you will avoid the Facebook jail. Every social site has its own policies and tenets that govern the operation of the business on its site.

When doing business on Facebook, then you need to play by the rules of Facebook. Any offense means you go against the law of Facebook and Facebook law will be harsh on you. Facebook on the other hand is a world that has most of the populations which is more than one billion members. Facebook is the place to be for a marketer, the people are the value for your business, and Facebook provides a direct platform for meeting people at all the time.

If you do not want to be thrown in Facebook Jail, here are few 12 internet marketing tips on how to avoid being thrown in Facebook Jail.

1. You just need to interact on Facebook with people as natural as possible.

2. Only send people a friend request when you have a perfect connection to the people to send the massages.

3. Always take time to market you products on Facebook and you never hurry as you are likely to make mistakes that will yourself on the wrong side with Facebook.

4. Never use short cuts to do marketing in Facebook.

5. Always find people outside Facebook and extend the relationship to Facebook.

6. You never spam people of Facebook since you will be blocked and Facebook will lock you out permanently from the site. This will spoil your business and in addition, take you to Facebook jail. Never send spam messages.

7. Always communicate with the people and respond to their queries on Facebook.

8. Always conduct polls to find out the usefulness of your products and the use of sites such as Facebook without getting to the offensive sites.

9. Always ensure that you are in constant participation with your audience. This will always make you available on Facebook as a marketing professional and not as a spammer.

10. Always learn to make new friends and members on Facebook to enable you to gain MLM lists for online internet marketing.

11. You can always as well market your business by creating links on your messages on Facebook to your products page.

12. Creating links to Facebook on the websites as well is the other option to help you generate traffic to your email. Allow people to accept or reject the accessibility to your site so that you do not find yourself against the law of Facebook.

Facebook jail is a place where the offender goes when they are caught misusing Facebook as set out on the user agreement at the time of registration to the site. Always ensure that you understand the policies that govern any operation of the special sites that one will make links with when working as an important internet marketing tip. This also includes the guidelines of Facebook.

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2 responses to “Internet Marketing Tips On How to Avoid Facebook Jail”

  1. Colleen Cole says:

    Hey Nate,

    I’m glad, I came across you. I just recently got my account on Facebook suspended, later to find out they call it “Facebook Jail”. Lol.

    I can understand why they do what they do. Looks like I’ll be in jail for another 2 more days then I’m home free! Learned a lot in this article and will be careful next time. Thanks, Nate!

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Colleen,

      Too bad you were thrown in there but I’m glad you’ll be getting out in a few days! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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