Internet Marketing Tips: How to Use Google Authorship To Rank For Your Business Online

In 2011 (the summer of 2011), Google – the world’s undisputed king when comes to search engine networks – offered a new opportunity for content creators, entrepreneurs, and website owners when it came to improving their search engine rankings.

Called the Google Authorship program, for the first time ever you were able to put your own name – or brand – and each and every piece of content that you ever published. Not only did this allow people to instantly get their name out there when it came to creating powerful and impactful content (and get recognized for doing so), but it also helped to clean up all of the floods of low-quality content that was being pushed on the general public at alarming rates.

That being said, Google authorship has continued to shift and change as far as importance is concerned, with some business owners relying heavily on all that Google authorship has to offer whereas others have kind of let it fall to the wayside. But if you’re looking to improve your business online, there may not be a more effective tool to give you that instant jumpstart and Google authorship.

Decide first and foremost whether or not you want to use your name or your brand name with Google authorship

The first thing that you’re going to want to do to really boost your business online is to decide whether or not you’re going to use your actual name (or pen name) or your brand name when promoting through Google authorship.

There are some who say that having a real “face” for your content is the most effective way to improve your business online, whereas others say that making sure your brand – or business name – is under the Google authorship is the only way to improve in the search rankings.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle (and the way Google changes things, the answer may flip-flop on a regular basis) but it’s up to you to decide just how you want to proceed forward. Whatever you end up moving forward with, make sure that you are consistent in the use of that specific method and use it from here on out.

Promote your Google authorship content through traditional search engine optimization

Nate Leung Google Authorship

The biggest mistake that people make on a regular basis when using Google authorship is that they hope it will do all of the “heavy lifting” on its own.

And while proper use of Google authorship will certainly help to improve your general search engine rankings for the content that you are producing, the reality is that pushing traditional search engine optimization tools were tactics towards that content will speed up the process dramatically.

This means focusing on generating back links to your web properties, trying to get as many guests posts under your Google authorship as possible, and focusing on and beyond page optimization just as much as the off page optimization – all in an effort to climb higher and higher in the Google rankings.

Google authorship is a key component to business success today, and simply cannot be ignored.

Now it’s your turn! 

Are you currently using Google Authorship for your website?  How has it worked to your advantage?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them.

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17 responses to “Internet Marketing Tips: How to Use Google Authorship To Rank For Your Business Online”

  1. Hi Nate

    Interesting. I set up Google Authorship quite sometime ago, but now that you mention possibilities, I don’t know what would be best.

    I think maybe I set it up about the same time I got a Google + account. Some of my posts show up with my picture and the words by: “my name” and also has my web address.

    Not sure if makes much difference at this time since I don’t have a website with my name.


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hello Mary,

      Yes, for each SERP’s your picture will show up. So if you have multiple posts on one SERP’s, your Google authorship will show up once. The same deal for the next page and so on. You got it setup correctly!

  2. Jenny Doucette says:

    Hello Nate:

    Not all leads are created equal. The truth is that each medium has its strengths, weaknesses, and best applications – and knowing their pros and cons will enable you to develop an effective strategy for your company.

  3. Tom Fuszard says:

    Good overview of this issue, Nate. I believe I’ve encountered some facet of it. I’ve noticed that YouTube, which is now owned by Google, offers you the chance to set up a common identity.

    The way Google is absorbing social media businesses, pretty soon you’ll see one personal profile for just about every platform out there. (I seem to recall a connection between Hotmail and Twitter, as well.)

    I prefer to have a separate look for each account. I understand your point here, but feel better about separate “brands.” Is that the better route to go? Not sure. I’ll have to keep your information in mind.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Tom,

      I would try to keep everything congruent in terms of how it looks. This way it established your brand. For instance, if you have a logo, you can brand that on everything you have. This way people identify you with that brand. As far as social media, there are so many out there. I would keep it basic and not overwhelm yourself with Social Media. It can be time consuming! Hope this helps!

  4. Leah Lambart says:

    I’ve been reading a lot about this lately, so this just adds to the importance of using Google. I have been using it and am liking it more the more I use it.

  5. pam schmidt says:

    You provided me with my lesson for the day, Nate. I appreciate the info. It gives me something to think about.

  6. Hi Nate,

    I learn a bit more about GA daily. I have GA on many other guest posts but am still learning how to spread the GA love to my guest posters. Neat read and such a powerful tool. Like you said do the legwork; guest post and snag backlinks to see the greatest returns from GA.

    Thanks for sharing Nate!


  7. Norman Silvey says:

    Hey Nate, SEO is no longer just about keywords and back links; content, identity and reputation are becoming equally as important and will continue to do so. It is no longer enough to just produce your content and say what it is about – it should be connected to YOU so that your customers know who they are dealing with and that they can trust you. Quite frankly, I think it looks cool too!

  8. Micheal Bian says:

    Great tips here. Google is using authorship, even now, as a signal of ownership and origin. In other words, if authorship is applied to a page, my theory is that Google is using this markup as an indicator of the true owner of the content.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hello Michael,

      Yes, very true my friend. Thank you for the comments!

  9. David Hood says:

    Google authorship allows your brand to have a sense of authority and it puts the brand in the map. It is powerful tool that makes you take ownership of your content.

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