MLM Blog: How to MLM Prospect on Facebook

Too many people incorrectly believe that MLM prospecting (especially on Facebook) has to be difficult.

They’ve been fed a tremendous line from people in their up line who may or may not fully understand or embrace all that technology has to offer, and may not be 100% comfortable operating in the instant and the always-on world of social media. However, the truth is that unless you are really, really bad at Facebook marketing in prospecting, you can fill your downline on an around-the-clock basis just by tapping into the power of this social network.

How to MLM Prospect on Facebook

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is really play up the social aspect of your MLM marketing opportunity

The real area that people struggle with when trying to make social media work for their marketing efforts is that they forget the social component to their plan of action entirely. This results in a pitch fest that is borderline spam and can cause a tremendous amount of pressure and resentment from all of your friends, family members, and other online contacts.

Make sure that whatever you do to gain the attention of your MLM prospects throughout Facebook that there is a social aspect involved. Whether you are sharing an interesting story about the MLM environment for your specific offer, case studies are testimonials from people that you know or people in your downline, or just offering good tips for people who are looking to make their life just a little bit better, the social component on a social network is so often overlooked by that you’re going to find this trick and tactic is like stumbling upon a gold mine.

To make MLM prospecting on Facebook work, you have to consistently communicate

While one and done communications they work with other MLM network building tactics, nothing could be further from the truth here on Facebook. You’re going to want to establish real lines of communication with all of the people who may be interested in becoming an MLM partner of yours, a back-and-forth that lets them know you’re a real person who is truly concerned about everything that they are looking to do.

Because Facebook is set up to facilitate this kind of conversation, you should find this to be too terribly difficult – but you’ll still need to avoid the trap of becoming complacent.

Never – NEVER – spam the Facebook world with your marketing pieces

If you take nothing else away from this article, this is the one bit of information you really want to eat green deep into your bones.

Because we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of marketing messages from seemingly everyone and anyone who has something to peddle on a daily basis, regular folks like you and I – and all of the MLM prospects out there on Facebook – have built up alarm systems and mental protection to avoid anything and everything that seems like a sales pitch.

You’re not going to have any success whatsoever (at least bringing in the kinds of a prospect that will convert, anyways) if you result in spam messages.

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10 responses to “MLM Blog: How to MLM Prospect on Facebook”

  1. nagoyauk75 says:

    Hi Nate. So true about the Social Media Aspect being ‘social’. Yet folk lose all sense of what is right and normal when they use Facebook and the like to throw something in your face prior to building relationships.


  2. sks_success75 says:

    So many people skip the social aspect of facebook. If you’re not building rapport, promoting value, and being on alert for problems to be solved, then it will definitely be hard for anyone to just get traffic. Thanks for sharing Nate!

    • nateleung says:

      sks_success75 Exactly.  Building relationships is critical.  Thanks!

  3. Talk, chat, engage, rinse, wash and repeat.
    Once you get social, you are set, because people will open up to you and connect with you.
    Love the tips you share Nate, keep up the great work!

    • nateleung says:

      RyanKBiddulph Absolutely.  Thank you so much for the kind words.  Much appreciated.  🙂

  4. EricMcLaughlin says:

    it’s a social network and not a business network… and you’ve proven how to prospect on fb since you have nearly put almost 100 people into your primary from fb alone!

    • nateleung says:

      EricMcLaughlin Absolutely my friend.  It doesn’t matter what delivery system you use, but the way you handle how they come in matters.  Thanks Eric!

  5. SigridMcNab says:

    Nate, this is a great reminder not to forget the social component of our plan.Nothing turns me off faster than being pitched to non-stop.

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