How To Build Key Relationships with Entrepreneurs

Man is a social animal; therefore, in order to live in the best and happiest manner, people have to rely on each other, communicate with each other and above all cooperate with each other. Out of all, the latter is the one that is desired in the world of today the most and people try very hard to seek cooperation from others.

For entrepreneurs in general and budding entrepreneurs in particular, it is of grave importance that they network with other entrepreneurs. Networking or developing a relationship with other entrepreneurs means that you are building contacts that can become your partners, clients, mentors, consultants and so on. Therefore, it is imperative that whenever at an event where there are other entrepreneurs, you develop a relationship with them. However, the question to ask is how can you develop a key relationship with an entrepreneur?

I am sort of an expert when it comes to networking or building relationships, so I’ll tell you a few tips which you can use at an event to develop a relationship with other entrepreneurs.

How to Build Key Relationships with Entrepreneurs

Being Insightful Is Important:

The first thing you need to do pertaining to developing a relationship with other entrepreneurs asks insightful questions. In order to ask insightful questions, you will have to do a little research on the entrepreneurs you are going to meet at an event. In the research identify the kind of troubles the particular entrepreneur is having, his or her areas of expertise and when in conversation try to ask questions that compel your target entrepreneur to keenly listen to your question and respond in a meaningful manner. A meaningful conversation is the building stone of your relationship.

Bring Value To The Table:

The other important thing that can help you develop a relationship with other entrepreneurs is adding value. For instance, you are at a networking event where there are different entrepreneurs sitting at your table and you notice that two of them are new or don’t have any other to talk to but they both know you, then take the step forward and play the role of introducing both to each other. This way both the entrepreneurs will value your initiative and it will give a signal of cooperation from your side, which is pivotal to a relationship.


Perhaps the single biggest mistake the new entrepreneurs make when it comes to developing a relationship with other fellows is not listening. The new entrepreneurs are so eager to push their idea and present their product to others that they forget the fact that in a conversation there are two parties and both have to hear each other out. No one wants to start a relationship with someone who does not care about what they have to say. Therefore, for building a relationship it is important that first, you listen to what others have to say and then add to what they have to say, instead of interrupting them and proving your righteousness.

How to Build Key Relationships with Entrepreneurs

Share Personal Experiences:

Another mistake that new entrepreneurs make pertaining to developing a relationship is that they think of it as strictly professional and don’t bring any personal experience to the table when in conversation with other entrepreneurs. You have to remember the fact that although it is a professional relationship, however, it is a relationship after all, and all relationships require some kind or some level of personal experiences and information. Therefore, share your personal experiences with the other entrepreneurs; it will help you develop trust.

Now it’s Your Turn!

What kind of relationship do you have with other entrepreneurs? How did you build those relationships? What kind of strategies did you adopt to keep the relationship meaningful and healthy? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

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25 responses to “How To Build Key Relationships with Entrepreneurs”

  1. Christian says:

    Facts tell, stories sell.

    Man is a social animal and one way to build a relationship is to ask about, and be genuinely interested in the other person. People love to talk about themselves.

    Great stuff as always, Nate!

  2. Bonnie Gean says:

    If the entrepreneur is a family man/woman, ask about their children (if they have any).

    I found that opening a conversation by asking about their children puts their guard down because everybody loves talking about their family!

  3. You have shared some good tips on this topic.Very educational post.

  4. Misty Spears says:

    I try to always be open and friendly to other entrepreneurs. I blog for my own personal satisfaction to track my progress in my business, so I’m not making money off anyone really, and maybe that’s a difference for me, but I am always open to new ideas. After all, I’m not where I want to be YET and others are…so why not heed their advice? Thanks for the article today Nate!

  5. The key is to bring value. If you want to get in touch with successful entrepreneurs you must have something to offer them or they will simply ignore you. Great article Nate!


  6. Krystle says:

    I think keeping a healthy relationship with an entrepreneur is watching what they do and follow their steps. It doesn’t have to be literal, but the same intent is necessary. 🙂

  7. Hey Nate,

    I really like the tips you have here on this post. Relationships are key and I believe should be the goal. Building your business just happens to be in the process. People really crave for genuine relationships, and if it turns out to be a business one, then great!

    Probably the hardest thing for a lot of entrepreneurs to do is to listen. Everyone wants to be in the conversation, so why not put other people on a pedestal sometime. You end up being the best conversationalist ever and makes you more attractive!

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great article as always Nate, when building relationships i always try to remember that it will take time for others to know, like and Trust you, but the process can be speeded up if you remember to be interested and not interesting!!

  9. Another excellent post. These things apply in any kind of professional relationship. I am not an entrepreneur but I have worked in my industry for many years and forming relationships is an important part of success.

  10. Hi Nate,

    it quite a long time i came over, i’ve actually been very busy. I’ve actually had this topic in mind for a long time and bless God that you’ve don justice to it. Building Key relationship with Entrepreneurs is one thing that we’ll always find in our ways as an internet marketer or Social media marketer.

    Like you rightly said, Listening is very important in all relationship not only for Entrepreneurs, but also in our day to day relationship with other fellow. We should cultivate the habit of listening first before we act. Thanks for this wonderful post my friend. Love to hear from your soon.

  11. Relationships are key no matter what industry or field you are in. I believe we are starting to come out of the “cloaked” years of the internet and becoming more transparent.

    Nurturing relationships on a large scale is not always easy and can sometimes seem over-whelming. Thank you for your points and I agree that you should listen with a sincere heart.

  12. Thank you for your valuable post Nate on how to build key relationships with entrepreneurs!! Great read!

  13. Great tips you are giving here, thank you.

  14. The kind of relationship we build matters a lot, a better one add values to our business and life in general. Nice tips Nate.

  15. Great post, thank you! You are spot on with your tips. I love the ‘bring value to the table’ one.


  16. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Being a genuine friend helps so much Nate. My eBook and blog were completely overhauled by 2 of my dearests friends – Phil Dews and Amal Rafeeq – for free. I was a friend, just trying to help and support them, and they were awesome friends in return. Great points!

  17. Sharon ODay says:

    Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, I understood early on that being an “isolated” entrepreneur was indeed lonely. To thrive, you need to build a tribe around you, where all parties bring different skills and strengths. Probably the most important concept is to recognize that not everyone is your competitor, even if you are working in the same industry.

  18. Esha says:

    Over the years I’ve built numerous relationshps with other business owners. I’ve realized I can’t do this alone!

  19. Sophie Bowns says:

    Thanks for the tips Nate. How do you come up with your topic ideas?

  20. Sadly I’m anything but an entreperneur but that was a great post which I will share on our Business Page x

  21. This should be required reading for anyone looking for customers. I get phone calls on a daily basis from businesses trying to sell me their services. 99% of the time, the salesperson on the other end of the phone is clueless about my business. If they don’t know anything about what I do, they are wasting my time.

    Your article is, also, helpful to those looking for a job. Sometimes I mentor kids, and I always tell them “learn as much as you possibly can about the business where you will be interviewing!”

  22. Dawn Lanier says:

    You’ve made some great points here Nate – do your homework, listen and bring value. Building relationships are key to business success. The people who are so busy trying to impress you with their greatness or trying to get you to buy from them after they say hello are missing the point. Hope they read this! Great post – thanks!

  23. Jo Casey says:

    Building effective relationships with other entrepreneurs is vital – not only do they provide important support and feedback for you ideas but being a solopreneur can feel very isolating.

  24. Beverly Smith says:

    Powerful article with great info…Listening and Sharing Personal Experiences were my two faves, although I enjoyed the entire read….Thanks for the value!

  25. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Nate, excellent article. Bringing value to the table and listening are the top things that stick out to me, although these are all fantastic suggestions. Great ways to not only build relationships, but to nurture and keep them.

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