MLM Blog: Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book Review

Eric Worre is one of the most prolific and successful MLM marketing experts of all time.  He has built up a multi-million dollar business using a variety of strategies he was both taught as well as the ones he developed and perfected himself. 

His new book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional is often considered the network marketing Bible because of the vast amount of information and knowledge Eric shares. 

The book focuses on how to become a successful network marketer and how to promote your MLM business or opportunity.  Eric discusses 7 key steps he has used to become a network marketing professional and he tells you how to implement these steps to emulate his success.

Who is Eric Worre?

Eric Worre is one of the best-known network marketing professionals of all time.  He currently runs Network Marketing pro from where he gives network marketing tips and advice, sells his products, and conducts webinars and podcasts for his subscribers.

Eric wasn’t always successful.  He dropped out of college after only completing a few weeks of schooling.  He had held down 18 different jobs by the time he was 22 and was dead broke. 

His breakthrough came when he heard about a network marketing opportunity being promoted by one of his father’s friends.  Eric was very successful with this opportunity and was earning 100K+ per year after a few years in the business.

Eric founded the People’s Network in 1994 which quickly obtained over 100,000 subscribers.  The network grew into a 24/7 television network that provided inspirational stories, motivating stories, and lessons on making money. 

Today Eric earns more than $1 million per year from his various MLM efforts and has become known as one of the leading network marketing experts in the world.

Network Marketing Go Pro Book Review

Eric’s book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional was written as a complete and thorough guide to the entire network marketing profession.  Eric includes his personal history including how he got started in MLM business.  He describes the strengths of network marketing as well as the weaknesses. 

The book focuses on 7 steps that Eric has decided are the best to follow for success.  The book is filled with great wisdom, knowledge and inspiration coming from what many people consider to be the leader of the network marketing community. 

The book has received very high ratings on Amazon, with many people dubbing it the “Network Marketing Bible.”

Take-a way’s from the Network Marketing Go Pro Book

Because the book is filled with so much great information it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact things you should takeaway from the book.  One of the most important aspects that you should definitely keep in mind is that success doesn’t come without effort and hard work.  Eric describes how he would work 12 hours per day, 7 days per week without seeing any results month after month. 

Every time he thought of giving up he remembered back to his earlier years when he cleaned toilets, sold boats and rented vehicles for a living.

Another strong point to takeaway from this book is that MLM is not for everybody.  Eric blatantly says that not everybody is cut out for the network marketing business opportunity, especially those that have trouble meeting and talking to new people.  To be a successful network marketer you need to have strong communications and interpersonal skills beforehand as this makes it easier to approach new people and discuss with them your business plan or opportunity.

Eric Worre - Network Marketing Go Pro

Below are a brief outline and overview of the 7 steps Eric Worre has decided are essential on your quest to go pro:

1. Finding prospects – Eric gives valuable information related to finding prospects.  He lists numerous methods you can use including face-to-face contact, direct mailing, telephone contact and more.

2. Inviting prospects to your opportunity – After finding prospects the next step is roping them in and inviting them to take part of your opportunity.  Eric does an excellent job at describing the exact methods he has used and continues to use to convince his prospects to become customers or distributors in his various programs or opportunities.

3. Presenting your product or opportunity to prospects – The next logical step after inviting your prospects to learn about your opportunity or product is to display it and show it off to them.  Eric describes the best methods he and his colleagues have used for years to showcase their products and opportunities.

4. Following up with your prospects – Following up with your prospects is very important, especially when you consider most will be on the fence regarding whether to join your program or not.  Eric tells you the best methods you can use for contacting your prospects and how you can convince them to join your opportunity or business.

5. Helping your prospects become customers or distributors – This step describes the process of converting your prospects into part of your downline.  You learn the best methods for turning your prospects into loyal customers or distributors.

6. How to get your new distributor started right – One of the keys in network marketing is helping your downline become successful.  Eric describes how you can help your new-found distributors get started in the business and become successful themselves.

7. Promoting events – Creating and promoting events is one of the best ways to find new prospects and convince existing prospects to join your product or opportunity.  Eric tells exactly what events work the best and how to promote them.

The seven steps above are the exact steps Eric Worre himself has used for most of his career to build a multi-million dollar network marketing empire.

Why you should Purchase

If you even have an inkling of a desire to become a network marketing professional you owe it to yourself to purchase Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.  The information and data in this book is invaluable when it comes to operating a successful MLM network.

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12 responses to “MLM Blog: Eric Worre’s Go Pro Book Review”

  1. EricMcLaughlin says:

    I bought this book and I read it the whole thing in two hours because it’s that good.  Every MLM’er needs to read this.

    • nateleung says:

      EricMcLaughlin I agree, whether you been in the profession for 1 month or 20 years.  Everyone needs to read this book.  Thanks Eric!

  2. wrcosentino says:

    I’ve been following Eric Worre for about 3.5 yrs.  I bought his original Go Pro audio series which is what the book is based from and have listened to hit at least 150 times all the way (8 cd’s).  It has taught me so much and Eric is one of the BEST in this profession.  I’m almost done with the book and loving it.  Follow his advice and there’s no way you can fail in this business.

    • nateleung says:

      wrcosentino I agree the Go Pro audio has alot.  Just mastering  a few basic fundamentals will take you a long way in this profession.  Thanks William!

  3. SigridMcNab says:

    Thank you for this review Nate. Eric Worre is a legend and I have been following him for a long time. He is down to earth, and gives practical advice and systems to follow to achieve success in MLM.

  4. Hi Nate,
    MLM is NOT for everybody. Awesome point here by Eric because it weeds out the pretenders quickly.
    Thanks for the in depth review!

    • nateleung says:

      RyanKBiddulph Ryan, you’re exactly right.  Network Marketing isn’t for everyone, and that is OK.  Sort and sift through those that are serious.  Thanks for stopping by!

  5. sks_success75 says:

    Hey Nate, great review for Eric Worres new book. I have to agree with Ryan that MLM is not for everyone. Not only because of the interpersonal skill but the actual work that you have to put in. Thanks for sharing!

  6. DearosiMayheme says:

    I have this book and highly recommend this book for any brand new or seasoned Network Marketer. I even purchased a few for my team!

    • nateleung says:

      DearosiMayheme Awesome!  A solid investment for any Network Marketing professional.

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