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Former Team Beach Body President Chris Simonian Joins Forces with Body FX Direct

There is some exciting news in the world of direct selling fitness products, which is that Chris Simonian, former founder and president of Team Beach Body, has decided to join the Body FX Direct team.  During the time Body FX was currently in the pre-launch stage, it was huge news for them to be able to announce the addition of Simonian as Vice President Global Operations. His addition lends some additional credibility to Body FX Direct, as Simonian has credentials and background that make him one of the most sought after experts in his field. This news is not only exciting for the Body FX team, but also for customers, as well as those interested in the sensational business opportunity that Body FX Direct can provide. Here is some more information about Chris Simonian, as well as some additional information about the opportunity he saw with Body FX that made him join their powerful team.


Chris Simonian Beach Body Founder President Body FXChris Simonian’s Credentials


After his success with  Team Beach Body, Chris Simonian as recognized as one of the top experts in the direct selling field. However, Team Beach Body was not the first time that Simonian enjoyed success, as he has been part of a many businesses ranging from start-ups all the way to billion dollar corporations. Simonian is known for his expertise in recruitment programs and distributor training, as well as for his high level motivational and leadership skills.


Simonian was able to take Team Beach Body from a small start up and turn them into a giant in the industry, mentioned in the same breath as products like P90X and Insanity. Under his guidance, Team Beach Body launched a $70 million advertisement campaign that included TV, print and Internet. Even after all of his success with Team Beach Body, Simonian was not content. He saw a great opportunity to take Body FX Direct to the next level and he jumped at it. He recognized a great opportunity to launch another successful business, as they already had solid program and team in place.


Why Body FX Direct?


You might be asking why someone who was so successful decided to move on and join another team. The answer to this is simple: Chris Simonian saw an opportunity that he simply could not pass up. He is smart enough to know a good thing when he sees it, which is why he jumped at the opportunity to join the Body FX team. When he took a look at the leads program, compensation plan and the corporate leadership team that Body FX Direct had in place, he knew he was onto something special. Here is a breakdown of the things that Chris Simonian saw that made him so excited.


The Body FX Leads Program

When Chris Simonian took at look at Body FX Direct he saw a place where a hardworking dreamer like himself could really thrive. Part of the reason was that Body FX Direct allows for unlimited opportunity for financial growth. One of the things that set Body FX apart from some of their competition is their outstanding leads program. Anyone that becomes a representative for Body FX can go through the additional training to become a coach. Once you are a coach you will be eligible to receive leads that were generated through the company’s infomercials. This means you will have access to qualified buyers that have shown an interest in the fitness DVD’s and nutritional supplements sold by Body FX. This means no cold calling customers with no interest, but instead getting access to those people that have already shown a willingness to buy.


Body FX Direct MLM Highly Targeted Leads FREE


The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan offered by Body FX Direct is outstanding and offers plenty of room for growth. This company offers a direct business opportunity that gives distributors six different ways to make money. Here is a breakdown of the six different ways that you can earn by becoming a Body FX distributor:


Making retail profits from direct sales to customers

Distributors can make as much as 25% retail profits from any sales generated from their Body FX website. Distributors that are able to effectively promote their site can get a nice chunk of the millions of dollars in potential sales from Direct FX products.


Earning weekly fast start bonus commissions

When a new rep, who is in the first five levels of your organization, buys a Fast Start Product Pack you will be eligible for a fast start commission. This will help add to your earnings and increase your overall commissions.


Making Uni-Level Commissions

These commissions are paid each month on the sales and purchases made by up to nine levels of people in your organization. Once you have established a strong organization, you can really start to receive some hefty commissions on the sales and purchases made by those on your team.


Collecting Infinity Bonuses

Some qualified distributors will be eligible for additional bonuses based on the sales from their entire organization. These are paid each month and could be as high as 10% of the overall sales of your team. It is easy to see how these bonuses could be quite lucrative once your distribution team is established.


Receiving Matching Infinity Bonuses

When the leaders in your distribution organization start to reach and exceed their goals, you will be eligible for matching bonuses once they qualify for the top Infinity Bonus. The more success your team has, the more success you will have.


Earning Production Bonuses

Each week Body FX Direct rewards some of its top distributors with production bonuses. These can also be very lucrative to the high level distributors, thus adding yet another way to make money with this program.


The Corporate Leadership Team

It wasn’t just he leads program and compensation plan that made Chris Simonian want to make the move from Team Beach Body to Body FX Direct. Body FX also had a solid corporate leadership team in place. Without the right leadership at the top, very few businesses have a chance to succeed and Body FX Direct has people with the experience and know how to lead a successful venture. Here is a breakdown of the top dogs on the Body FX Direct Team. It only takes a quick look at their resumes to see why Simonian was excited to join this team and their combined decades of experience in multi-level marketing and direct sales. These are a few key members of the Direct FX team:


James Kunitz Body FX Direct MLM James Kunitz, Chief Executive Officer

James Kunitz has been making his impact on the fitness industry for more than a decade with successful products like Core Rhythms, JNL Fusion, Rhythm Rocker, Ab Circle and Figure 8 Fitness just to name a few. His success in the distribution field has been fueled by his sincere desire to help people, as well as for his knack for direct selling and international distribution strategies. He has continued to make top-selling fitness DVD’s and products and has currently sold more than  30 million fitness DVD’s all around the world. This success and expertise have made James Kunitz, CEO of Body FX Direct, one of the top names in the fitness industry and one of the biggest reasons that Chris Simonian made the choice to join this company as Vice President.



Clayton Cliff Layton Body FX DirectChuck Layton, Vice President of Sales

Since 1978 Chuck Layton has been a leader in the network marketing industry. He has worked at nearly every level and position in the industry, including  as a trainer, distributor and consultant, giving him a wide range of expertise in the field. In addition, Chuck Layton has pioneered many unique training programs and is known throughout the industry for his campaigns, as well as his highly effective recruiting methods and materials. Even though Layton has already made millions from his success in the network marketing industry, he is still driven by the excitement and opportunities presented to distributors in a quality company. He brings a range of expertise to the table that few in the industry can match.



Don Bodenbach Body FX MLM Direct-Don Bodenbach, Vice President of Product Development

Don Bodenbach brings more than three decades of experience to the table. He has worked as a consumer advocate, investigator, product developer and coach in the fields of alternative and natural health. This experience made him a perfect choice for the head of product development, as he understands many aspects of the industry. He has long been a trendsetter in the industry and is often called upon for his expertise in product development, research and formulation. In addition to having developed some of the most innovative products on the market today, Bodenbach also hosted his own show, “The Nature of Health,” for more than 12 years, giving him access to some of the top experts in the fields of nutrition, hormones, obesity and exercise.



Body FX Direct MLM-Eric Edington, Chief Operations Officer

For more than 18 years Eric Edington has bee helping to build and transform companies all over the world. Retail controllership and operations management are his specialties and for nearly a decade he has worked with some of the biggest names in the direct response industry. Even though he has had much success, Edington is not content, as he is continuing his education by getting a doctorate in International Management. His continued education shows how dedicated the Body FX Direct team is to being the best in the industry.



Body FX Direct MLM-Christopher Dudas, Vice President of Business Development

Christopher Dudas has generated multi million dollar revenues over the last 15 plus years as both a project manager and business owner. He has a bevy of experience and success in the field of international direct response product marketing, as well as software development for the entertainment industry. Dudas has helped develop and promote direct distribution networks in more than forty different countries and his multi-media savvy is unmatched in the industry. He has worked in industries ranging from television, to theme parks and theatre production, which has given him a high level of marketing skills. His creativity and passion made him a perfect choice to join the Body FX Direct team, which prides itself on its creativity, expertise and dynamic structure.


You don’t have to be an expert in the field to recognize experience and success when you see it. When Chris Simonian took a look at the Body Direct FX corporate structure he knew this was a company that he had to be involved with. He adds his expertise and experience to a team that is already loaded with some of the major players in the field of nutrition, direct marketing and international distribution.


You Can Get Involved As Well


Now that you know more about the dynamic team behind Body FX Direct, as well as the amazing lead program and compensation plan that they have, you are probably wondering how you can get in on the action. All it takes is for you to become a Body FX Direct distributor and you can start reaping the rewards of this team of experts and the great products they are promoting. Unlike other programs, Body FX Direct was designed to help you build and run your own network and to enjoy the benefits of their award winning fitness DVDs and popular line of fitness supplements.


All you need to do is contact me directly or you can simply need to enroll in the program by completing a short form by clicking here by clicking on the ‘Reserve Your Spot' button. After you have enrolled you will get your own Body FX website, as well as all of the training materials and tools you will need to start building your own business distributing the top notch fitness products offered by Body FX.


If you are open to the idea of getting in on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity then you should not wait. Those who enroll early will get the most out of this groundbreaking direct marketing and distribution program. Just sign up today and you can start building your team and making money with Body FX Direct. If you see the opportunity that Chris Simonian saw, then you should get started right away.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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  1. Jonathan

    Are you still with Body FX? I am a rep and the company owes me money but I can’t seem to get anyone on the phone to help me.

    I have submitted a complaint to the San Diego BBB office.

    I can’t believe how horrible the customer service is!!! Can you help me?

  2. Dianna Ashton

    Anyone who isn’t part of this Body FX Opportunity needs to get onboard. I would not recommend second guessing this opportunity.

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    Looking forward to amazing things with this company!

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    I had no idea Chris Simonian joined Body FX. Thanks for the write-up. You rock Nate!

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    I am so pumped up! Every day I wake up, and I’m excited to be working the business. Glad to be part of the Body FX Team!

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    Amazing leadership. I’m glad I came across this site. How do I get involved?

    • nateleung

      AlodiaShinta  Go to my contact page and I’ll give you some more information.  Thanks!

  7. Jose Faryan

    One of the best in the industry. He done amazing things with Beach Body, and I’m glad to have him on board with us. We’re going to rock it!