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What’s the Difference Between Body FX Direct and Team Beach Body?

If you are involved in the fitness industry in any way then you have probably heard about the opportunities to make money as a Body FX coach or a team Beach Body coach. Although both companies are somewhat similar, as they offer the same range of products, as well as for opportunities to make money as a coach or distributor, there are some big things that set them apart. Here is a breakdown of the differences between Body FX and Beach Body that will help you make a more informed decision about which team to join.


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It’s all about the leads


Anyone that has worked in sales will tell you that one of the most important parts of generating new business is getting leads. Leads are essentially customers that have already become qualified buyers by showing interest in a product or service. Instead of searching for new customers via cold calling or trying to draw them to your website, you will actually have customers coming to you. This is a huge advantage, as each potential customer has at least shown some interest in the product or service, which makes the sale much easier.


Both Beach Body and Body FX both offer leads to their coaches but they go about it much differently. Although both are very well respected companies in their fields, there is definitely an advantage for coaches that get involved with the Body FX program. Here are just some of the differences between how Beach Body and Body FX give leads to their coaches.


Beach Body Leads


Before getting into how Body FX is superior when it comes to leads, you need to understand how Beach Body leads work. When a person sees an infomercial on TV for a Beach Body product, say a P90X video, then they can call the number on the screen or visit the Beach Body website to purchase the products directly from the company. You might be wondering how any coaches can make money from distributing these products if all of the leads go directly to the company. The short answer is that they can’t. Beach Body coaches are not given access to after purchase leads until after they have already signed two other people up for their distribution network.


You must sign up two other people and become what is known as an Emerald (and above rank) Beach Body Coach. Only after becoming one of these Emerald Coaches will you be given access to customers that have already purchased products and require additional information. This makes it very difficult to get your business started, as you are basically relying on friends and family to become members before you can really get going. Good luck with that, as most family members will run out of the room as soon as they hear the words “exciting business opportunity.” This leaves you trying to get two strangers to sign up to a program they might not know much about.


Although people have had success with the Beach Body coach program, it will take some serious commitment, especially in the beginning, which is why most would agree that the Body FX leads program is superior.


Body FX Leads


Probably the biggest difference between becoming a Body FX coach versus becoming a Beach Body coach is the way they do leads. Unlike Beach Body, Body FX gives their coaches access to both pre and post purchase leads, which means more money in your pocket. Here is how it works.


When a person sees one of Body FX’s infomercials and is interested in the product they can call the number on the screen or visit the Body FX website. Instead of purchasing the product directly from the company the customer will actually be directed to a Body FX coach like you. The only way a customer can get a product from Body FX is to purchase it directly from a coach. This means Body FX coaches will be given free leads to pre-qualified customers that are ready to buy, and will be able to follow up on these leads to sell additional aftermarket products like fitness supplements and fitness DVD’s.


Unlike Beach Body, you will not be required to sign up two people to become a coach for Body FX. All you have to do is register, and complete the training to become a Body FX coach. This means you will not have to have that awkward conversation with a friend or family member to try and get them to sign up and you won’t be forced to make tedious phone calls or go door to door to try and talk people into signing up for your network. All you have to do is become a coach and you will have access to free leads that are generated by Body FX’s multi-million dollar television and advertising campaign. Essentially, the infomercials are doing all of the work while you just sit back and wait for qualified buyers to roll in.


Any salesperson will tell you that getting top leads is the best way to ensure quick and easy sales of a product or service. When customers come to you already prepared to buy, it makes your job easy, especially when you are selling Body FX products that are known to be some of the best in the fitness industry.


Time to get started


Although both companies offer exciting opportunities, there are some big advantages to choosing to become a Body FX coach. Both businesses sell award winning fitness products and DVD’s but it will be much easier to establish yourself in the business with Body FX, as they have a much better leads program. If you are excited about this opportunity then you should read more about the differences between Beach Body and Body FX.  Then all you need to do is visit the Body FX website by clicking here to get started. After becoming a coach you will get all of the leads you need to get your business up and running with qualified customers that are ready to buy.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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  1. Christine

    Interesting… I never even knew about Body FX. Sounds like a good company

    • Nate Leung

      Thanks for stopping by Christine. Hope you got some good value out of it. 🙂

  2. ElrondWhite

    I’ve always believed in competition. If there isn’t competition then there isn’t a demand for the product or service. I do believe that competition is healthy for business.

    • nateleung

      ElrondWhite Absolutely.  I agree Elrond.  Thanks!

  3. Tigrane Sargsyan

    I’ve never heard of Body FX before, but seems to be a very good and solid company.

  4. MikoJernay

    I’ve been seeing both companies around. Good to know the differences. Some good details laid out with this program.

  5. Ageliena Denzo

    A friend of mines told me about Body FX and I thought it was another Beach Body, but your comparison’s make it very clear. Thanks.