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Top Objections in MLM Network Marketing – 10 Ways You Can Overcome Them

Objections are always that unpleasant side of business. You’ll hear some common ones, and a few new ones that will have you shaking your head in confusion. But if you can diffuse a potential customer’s, client’s, or business partner’s objections, you’re that one step closer to closing the deal.


Objections can terrifying for the new network marketer. But remember that the worst outcome will be a “no”. You get up and start again with your next network contact. Don’t ever let the objections frighten you from your success. And many are simply a request for help.


People communicate in a variety of different ways. They may ask questions, make comments, and make objections. Start by remembering the following:


• Always listen.
• Ask questions.
• Relate to product.
• Tell a story.
• Solve their problem.


Here are the top 10 MLM network marketing objections. Let us show you the best techniques for handling difficult and skeptical prospects.




1. No time for another venture.


This objection is based on the thought that a person already has a full day and no time to try something new. Your first comment should be to let them know that many other people do MLM part-time around their busy days.


Offer to show them how they can fit it in with what they already do, and ask if they would like to hear more about that.


Ask your prospect if it’s worth trading some of their valuable time for something that can provide them with an income for life. Perhaps they could fit some extra time into their schedule for it?


You could also provide a solution to their time management problems. You could tell them how the MLM venture can actually free up time, so that they have more time to do what they enjoy.


Another tactic is to ask them that if they continue doing what they are doing, will they have more time in five years, or less time? But if they try the MLM opportunity, the goal is to have more time in the future.


There is also the notion about working hard to achieve someone else’s dreams, but if you follow a new path, you can work toward your own dreams instead.


2. I can find it for cheaper.


When directly selling products there may be objection to price. Usually they will be making comparisons with other similar products, rather than what you are actually selling. First, find out if you’re both talking about the same product.


If they’re talking about a product they can buy from any big box store, ask them if the difference between features and value is important to them. You can also mention how you’re offering it at wholesale cost to them, which is not something they would get in a store.


And there will also be rewards if they offer to share your product with their friends, so soon, the cost will be completely diffused.


3. I have no money to signup.


This objection is for handling skeptical prospects for your venture. You may find that many people are interested, but they’re concerned because they don’t have the money.


In this situation you need to tell them that you also didn’t have the money when you first started but you saw a life-changing opportunity so you took the plunge and that you saw an opportunity for yourself and you decided to do it anyways.


You may also assist them with showing them how to get the starting cash. Let them know how you can tell them more about that. Perhaps they can sell their starter kit, or the company is offering low financing options. Perhaps they can cut back on expenses, or borrow money.


You may also respond back to them about and ask why they are unable to afford the business opportunity. You’ll also need to sort out the difference between them really be interested in the opportunity but not having the cash to get started, or not being interested and just brushing it off by saying they have no money to start.


Another tactic is to bring up something that they mentioned earlier. Perhaps they said something about being worried about earning enough money to put their kids through college, or that they needed more money for retirement or vacation. You can let them know you’ll be showing them how to create a new form of cash flow, without changing what they are currently doing. This will eventually help them to earn enough money to do all those things.


Remember to address their objection with a question, which has the effect of making think inward and reflecting on the situation. This way, you won’t have to defend your venture.


4. I have to think about it.


This is one of the extremely common MLM network marketing objections, and it can occur after you’ve given your spiel. You can counteract this objection by asking if they still have questions about any of it.


Perhaps your potential business colleague needs more information to help them figure out if this is the right opportunity for them.


You may also suggest that the best way they can determine if this offer is for them is to try it for a while. You may offer an opportunity for them to give it a test drive first without any risk.


5. How much money do you make?


Income can always be a sensitive topic. You can choose to be honest, or let them know that you haven’t collected it all yet, because you earn bonuses, or that it can increase the more people you get on your team.


You may wish to deflect this back at them. It’s not about how much you are making, but how much money they can make. It’s more relevant when it’s about the type of success that they can have, which is different than your success.


You’ll want to stress what a great opportunity you are providing them with. If you can get them to see it, then they will also be sold on the opportunity too. Remember that everyone’s success is based on their own limitations, and not anyone else’s. This is why it’s so great to be in business for yourself.


6. I don’t know how to sell.


With this objection you can make a similarity to them. You don’t know how to sell either. You’re learning as you go. That is why your business has the tools needed, so you can use them, instead of trying to think up your own marketing methods.


Let them know how networking often works. You tell a friend about a great movie or a restaurant, yet you don’t get paid for that. Now, you can.


7. I have to ask my spouse.


This could be a way to brush you off, or it could be a genuine objection. Many couples consult on each other for purchases over $100. This could be both in the products they are purchasing, or even in business opportunities.


A business opportunity can have an impact on a family’s life, so it can be normal to want to consult with a spouse first. Once you’ve figured out they are genuinely interested, tell them how this opportunity can benefit both of them.


Perhaps you can all meet over coffee to discuss it. You can show both of them together how a network marketing opportunity can benefit both of them at the same time, and how they can both gain the life that they want.




8. Is this a pyramid scheme?


Many people are wary of pyramid schemes because they can involve scams or be illegal in their country. You need to let them know that you work with a legitimate company.


You can also mention any famous people who have actively promoted the business. Mention other famous business people around the world who are now millionaires thanks to MLM marketing: Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson. This type of marketing has worked for them.


If your client is concerned because they had a friend lose money with it, ask them about it. It may have nothing to do with your company, so it could potentially be something completely different they’re mentioning.


You can also acknowledge it, and ask why their friend lost money at it.


One that I like to use all the time is that if you feel this is a pyramid scheme or a scam.  Tell your prospect to google anything with the word ‘scam' in it.  For example, let them know that everything is a SCAM!  I'm not kidding you here.  If you google, “Orange Juice Scam”, you'll see tons of search results regarding Orange Juice being a scam.  Check it out for yourself by clicking here.  😀


9. I don’t understand what it is.


You may give your talk but many people may still not understand. They may have tuned you out. You can repeat what you said. Be sure to mention that it’s about network marketing, and that you are a rep for a wonderful company. Mention how you train others to do what you do. This may be the time to pull out brochures, or play videos the company has produced.


You may also wish to mention the benefits of a MLM business. Tell them all about how you work from home, and how you look after your younger children or pets while your spouse is away. Let them know how you can be your own boss, and never have to worry about job security.


If you’re selling some sort of electronic or technological product, perhaps they’re objecting because they may have to demonstrate it to potential customers, yet they think they are not good at technology.


This is a good time to bring up your age, and let them know how you can relate to that. Yet, the product was simple to learn how to use. You can help to train them with what you have learned. Perhaps they would like to learn a bit more about it?


Perhaps you can even mention an example of another friend who was hopeless with a computer, yet they managed to learn how to use your water filtration system for better water.


10. Too much competition.


This is certainly a true comment, yet McDonald’s would never have made it if this was the only factor in mind. You can let your client know how competition means that there are more opportunities created. Let them know about the unique product and the unique company. Perhaps they’d like to hear a bit more?


You may also let them know that competition can be what motivates you. You can ask them if that is what motivates them to do better.


Also let them know that there are four billion people in the world today who are just waiting for this product or business opportunity. You think this is more than enough prospects to deal with in anyone’s lifetime. The market certainly isn’t saturated in this regard.


More Points to Consider When Dealing with MLM Network Marketing Objections


Always keep these points in mind when you are handling skeptical prospects. These points will assist you in closing that sale or getting someone to sign on despite those MLM network marketing objections.


• Neutralize objections. Be sure to acknowledge them first. Don’t fight or disagree with them.

• Bring up the objection first. If you can diffuse a potential negative, do it before your client ever brings it up.
• Assume the sale. Remember that positivity attracts the cash.
• Discovery process. You need to learn about your client. You need to earn their trust and figure out solutions to their problems.
• Question objections and concerns. If they make a negative comment, find out why with a question.


Objections can be challenging to deal with. You need to discern the real reason behind it, but you can best do this by asking more questions. Be prepared with your sales materials in case you need to back up your facts or statements.


And remember to always practice, practice, and practice again. You’ll learn to become comfortable with the more common objections, and soon be able to solve the more difficult objections too. The good news is that they more you do it, the more confident and at ease you’ll become in your business spiel.


People will want to naturally do business with those who are successful, rather than the non-confident one who says they will have to get back to you on a question. And don’t stress people who say they don’t like dealing with people or hate your ideas. Perhaps tomorrow they will be a yes!


It's your turn!


Did this help you?  Do you have any objections that you can add to the list? Feel free by letting me know in the comments section below!  I'd love to hear them!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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