Should You Avoid Talking To Your Warm Market?

Ask yourself if you want to move fast or slow in your business.

If you answered fast, then I would highly suggest contacting your warm market first and I’m going to show you how to do it in a way that works.

Here’s the truth. 90% of my business is now built through online methods and meeting new people but when I first got started in my business I did what my Upline told me to do.

I made a list of the people I knew and I exposed them. I made my first few sales and I was committed from that point forward.

The goal when you’re new or getting a new rep started is getting a check produced as fast as possible. This builds confidence and belief and when confidence and belief goes up, the efforts and money making activities go up.

No matter what anyone says, the fastest way to this outcome is to talk to the people that you already have sitting in front of you.

If you’re sitting there not wanting to expose the people that you’re closest to, what do you think that says about what you’re doing?

It probably means that you don’t believe in your business and I would encourage you to do whatever it takes to get that belief up.

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Go to an event, talk to some top earners, create a product testimonial, do something that gets you excited to talk about about what you have.

If you truly understand that diving into your warm market first is the best and fastest way to a check, how can you tell your new teammates to contact their warm market of you haven’t?

I’m a big believer of practicing what I preach and this is why diving into my warm market was something that I did and got through fast.

Remember: Your goal isn’t to sign them up, your goal is you have them understand what you’re up to and hopefully you’ll get the support you’re looking for.

If they see value in what you’re doing, great. If not, no big deal. You did your job.

You’d be surprised how many people will come back to you later if they don’t join right away…. But they won’t have the opportunity to come back if they’re never exposed right?

Your warm market already has a perception of you

Your friends and family already have years and years of experience with you, and like it or not (fair or not) have already created a very specific set of “rules” that you have to fit for them to feel 100% comfortable.

So just present your idea to them and get it over with!

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So what do you say to get your warm market excited?

Step #1 – Make sure you’re unattached to the outcome.

Step #2 – Have confidence in your voice when you’re sharing your biz

Step #3 – Let them know that you’d love to partner with them but you’re about to crush it in a big way with or without them.

It’s all in the set up with your warm market.

They’re testing you to see if your serious about it or just toying with the idea… Show them that your serious and you’re a person worth joining.

If you can, use your Upline leadership to help you with your warm market. Sometimes their credibility can help add credibility to you.

Final thoughts

This is absolutely essential to understand if you’re going to have any success whatsoever in the MLM world. The people that you meet – even the ones that you’ve only met for the briefest moment of time – are going to have a very specific view about you, and unless you are 100% congruent in that view they are going to find that you struggle significantly to try and influence them in any way whatsoever.

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12 responses to “Should You Avoid Talking To Your Warm Market?”

  1. EricMcLaughlin says:

    i’ve learned that your family and friends see you successful then they will approach you and ask you what you do!

  2. donnylem says:

    My recommendation is not to go to your warm market about your business, especially if you’ve shared with them several other businesses that you’ve been involved. Instead, learn the concept of attraction marketing and how to turn strangers into friends and then you can ask some questions that will determine if your business will be a fit to meet their financial needs. I know some people will not agree with this but that’s my take on it.
    Thanks for sharing, Nate.

    • nateleung says:

      donnylem Exactly.  There are better ways to build a business.  Thanks buddy!

  3. wrcosentino says:

    This is the new internet marketers feeling and it goes in two ways.  I’ve studied the old schoolers and there are very specific methods to approach your warm market.  Mark Yarnell says that your warm market is anyone that will “warm” up to you and I really liked that statement.  
    Yes those people who are closet to us do have a formed opinion and thoughts about us, but if you introduce properly, you can avoid the NFL (no friends left club).  It’s important however to understand that most of the warm market will not join and if they do, won’t do anything.  So it’s just another form of expectations that we must set for people.  I would agree with Eric too, they will want to know eventually what you do.

    • nateleung says:

      wrcosentino Well said!  If you want to build a serious business you definitely do not want to be part of the NFL club.  Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Nate,
    Tread carefully into your warm market. This advice makes sense to me.

  5. sks_success75 says:

    The saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink unless you put salt in his oats” can compliment this post. Yes I believe you can talk to your warm market but there is a certain way you can talk to them. I like what william said about Mark Yarnell that your warm market is anyone that will “warm” up to you. If you can apply that and “lead” them into a solution then you can definitely have better results. Thanks for sharing Nate!

    • nateleung says:

      sks_success75 Love your input about this.  I completely agree with you.  Thanks!

  6. ElishaLynn says:

    I definitely agree with you!  This has really put MLM Marketing into perspective for those who say “Well, I don’t really know that many people, so I wouldn’t be good at this…”…No excuses, anymore! 😀

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