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Are You Still Undecided About the Body FX Direct MLM Pre-Launch MLM Opportunity?

Body FX Direct MLM John Abdo
John Abdo

Are you one of the millions of people around the world that struggle with losing weight or keeping that weight off or know someone that does? Do you slave away hour after hour in the gym or in front of a television program doing grueling crunches, sit-ups and other strenuous exercises that offer little in return?  Thankfully, you can put that behind you and join the new weight-loss revolution opportunity BodyFX.   Olympic Gold Medal Winner, John Abdo is the creator of the new weight loss program that is poised to sweet the world off their feet by delivering exceptional results with less work and pain when compared to traditional weight loss regimens.


BodyFX is a revolutionary weight loss product that is going to be marketed in a unique fashion.


Instead of relying on a website and search traffic to sell this wonderful product, I want to enlist YOU, the weight loss patient in helping me spread this wonderful product to those that need the help of losing weight.  I am launching a revolutionary new marketing opportunity, and I want as many willing marketers and weight loss enthusiasts on my team to get the word out about Body FX, including what the product is capable of and how it can help ordinary people lose weight fast.


What is BodyFX?


Before we go any further, I want to describe exactly what BodyFX is in detail, so you can make the decision to join with me or not.  BodyFX is actually 4 products in one that were designed to help ordinary people lose weight and keep the excess pounds from coming back.  Below are the four products along with a brief description of each:


JoinBodyFXNow---JNL-Fusion-DVD1. JNL Fusion Workout – This is a revolutionary fitness workout plan developed by the international fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee.  Included in this product are 12 explosive workout DVD’s that teach you how to shape your body into the ultimate machine you have always wanted.  Also included is a 76 page guide to fitness that will teach you how your body burns fat most effectively and what exercises are most effective.  This product includes a free tape measure so you can easily track your progress, along with a free meal planner that allows you to easily and seamlessly track calorie intake and your weight-loss progress.


2. Fat Burning Machine – This is my revolutionary book that goes in depth and explains exactly how your body burns fat and how eating the right foods can speed up your weight loss goals.  This is not just another fitness book, it’s a revolutionary guide that will get you on the fast track towards your weight loss goals.


3. Figure 8 Fitness – Figure 8 Fitness is a fitness program created by Janna Kunitz, a champion dancer who knows and understands what it takes to lose weight and stay in shape.  This program focuses on implementing extreme cardio exercises into your workout by engaging in a variety of dance moves that will literally melt the fat from your body in record time.  Also included are 14 DVD workouts, a patented Dancers Guide which gives you additional motivation and determination for staying on the right track.


4. 6 Minute Workout – This series includes a variety of six minute workouts that will get your body into shape and turn it into a fat burning machine, including how to trick your body into losing weight hours after your workouts are complete.  Included are three separate DVDs that include dynamic and effective workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home.


BodyFX includes all four of these great products that turn your body from a fat storage machine into a fat burning machine.  The goal of BodyFX is not only to teach people to lose weight, but it also explains how to keep the weight off and how to stay in shape long after your initial workouts are completed.


Body FX Pre-Launch - JoinBodyFXNow.comBodyFX Direct Pre-Launch


The marketing program is dubbed “BodyFX Direct” and it’s a program that allows you cash in on your determination and marketing skill.  Below is a simple timeline that includes important dates relating to the release of various Body FX Direct items:



  • April 8th – The first media packs and fast-start packs will be available for affiliates to order.  This gives ample opportunity to learn about the product and get your marketing goals and plans in order.


  • April 13th – The first commission week is ended and a new one begins.


  • April 19th – First payments are issued for weekly commissions.


  • May 6th – This is a major date in the Body FX pre-launch.  On May 6th the program transitions into the final phase of pre-launch and a variety of things take place.  First, all products become available for order by customers and they are available in single-unit orders at first.  The primary BodyFX website will come online that informs customers about the product and allows them to place orders.  Product trials are available at this time and lead distribution will also begin.


May 6th, 2013 is the day when the entire program is planned for Pre-Launch.  During this time BodyFX plans on having enough products in our warehouse to fill all requested orders.  They are going to have two distinct and separate distributor websites – the first website will be devoted entirely towards the BodyFX products, while the other website will highlight the products as well as the business opportunity.  Additionally, after May 6th they will be able to ship products to the rep's down-line after they have made an order, and the infrastructure will be available that allows us to take orders from both customer and distributor’s websites.


What about being a Coach?

Every smart marketer knows that in order to sell a product you need to have as much information and experience relating to the product as possible.  Through our tests with the JNL Fusion product we have amassed literally thousands of potential customer leads that have shown interest in purchasing additional products in the BodyFX lineup.  We are actively seeking and recruiting coaches to turn these customer leads into sales, which benefit both BodyFX and you as a marketer.


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Product DVDs


A BodyFX complete product DVD is currently being worked on and upon completion will be included in all sets of JNL Fusion DVDs that are sold.  The purpose of this DVD is to inform customers about the importance of using and purchasing BodyFX nutritionals into their everyday exercise plans to burn more fat and get a toned body.  This DVD also makes a great tool for our product reps because it includes all information relating to BodyFX, including what BodyFX is, how it can help promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, and how BodyFX can help you live a better life.


JoinBodyFXNow.com -Grand-Opening - Body FX Direct MLMGrand Opening


After roughly 90 days past the pre-launch date, the grand opening celebration will take place in a soon-to-be released location.  This celebration will bring together all Coaches, sales reps and satisfied customers into one location so we can celebrate the success of BodyFX.  Stay tuned to our website and blogs to find out more relevant information about the grand opening celebration, including where it’s going to take place, when it’s happening, and who will be there.


Now that you understand what BodyFX is about, and how the pre-launch will happen, it’s time to make a decision.  Do you want to continue to struggle with your financial situation and your weight, or do you want to join me in this weight-loss revolution that is about to sweep the country?  Join now as a coach to receive special incentives and benefits that will benefit you and your business for a lifetime.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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