Adilo Video Hosting And Marketing Software Review

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Adilo review!

Adilo is what I switched over for video hosting.

Comparing to other video hosting competitors such as YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia…

Adilo is the one that I found to be the cheapest and also the fastest. Since video is a big part of my business I decided this was something I was willing to invest in.

Videos is life… Video is creativity… Video is business!

In this modern age, it’s the only way to truly communicate with our audience and share your ideas with the world. No software or company should be able to put a limit to your ideas.

With that said, let’s dive in!

What is Adilo?

Adilo is a video hosting and marketing software SAAS company.

They differentiate themselves from their competitors by cutting their customer video hosting bill by 60%.

They want their customers to experience the fastest ‘lightweight” 4K streaming technology that works on even slow internet connections

The problem with the video hosting market

Month after month, you get slammed with massive video hosting bills that more times than not far exceeds the cost of the plan you signed up for.

Sometimes you sign up for a $99/month plan but at the end of the month, you get a $400 invoice and you have no other option than to pay or you get cut off… yikes!

A lot of platforms do this (practically turning their customers into cash cows) but for the sake of fairness, I won’t be naming names today though I have no doubt a few names already came to your mind as I’m sure you’ve had your fair share.

And it’s all legal, all the extra fees get filed under all sorts of different overages, bandwidth overages, storage overages, encoding fees and all the BS that come with it.

Doesn’t matter how legal it is, at the end of the day… you’re the one left holding the bills and your business has more than video hosting to worry about.

And switching to free hosting will cost you even more
Free video hosting platforms like Youtube actually end up costing businesses that use it more money than they would have spent on a professional video marketing service.

Even though it’s masked as free but is free, really FREE or are you paying somehow else?

Platforms like Youtube make their money through adverts and these adverts placed on your videos so when you upload a video to Youtube, you’re essentially giving them a new advertising space for free

Here are the 7 reasons why I love Adilo ♥️

We now know how frustrating this can be for growing businesses, marketers, startups and local businesses and that’s why we built a game changer that solves all of these problems for you and more.

1. Capture leads inside your videos

Turn your videos into lead generation tool and build your email lists fast. You can collect leads anywhere your videos are embedded. You can also set exactly the points in your videos where the lead capture forms will appear.

2. Rich Insights and Real-Time Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your videos in real-time. Full video engagement graph and watch heat-map show you visually how your viewers engaged with your video, what they were most interested in and where the drop-offs happened..

You can also see the countries where most of your traffic is coming from, the devices your viewers are using to consume your content and so much more.

3. Create Playlists in 1-Click

Easily build playlists and video libraries. You can embed your playlists anywhere, use it to create vlog watch list, tutorial sessions or whatever you want.

4. Make Your Videos More Interactive & Engaging with Video Chapters

Chapters make videos far more engaging to watch and increases the completion rate for long videos. It’s almost impossible for people to sit through a long video but with chapters, your viewers will enjoy your videos whether it’s 10 minutes or 1 hour in length.

Chapters are perfect for product demos, product reviews, webinar replays, tutorials and interview videos.

5. Video Privacy – Control who can watch your videos

You get full control over your videos.

You can password-protect them and only those you share passwords with can watch them. You can also create private links.

In addition, you can add more security to the video by whitelisting domains where the video can be watch.

6. It’s Lighter, Faster than Wistia, Vimeo, Amazon s3 or Most Platforms You Already Use

In today’s digital world where attention span is so low and everyone is in a hurry, speed to delivery matters the most and every second counts. Facts have emerged that every 1 second delay causes 7% drop in conversions.

Take a moment and imagine what that means for your business, imagine how much sales you’ve lost to this.

So if you’re looking to get your message to your audience faster, Adilo is your best bet.

Adilo 2.2 seconds
Wistia 3.8 seconds
Vimeo 8.2 seconds
YouTube 6.6 seconds

7. Beautiful 4K Video Player

This is my favorite feature of Adilo. Don’t get me wrong HD videos are good but 4K videos are GREAT, it’s crispy… customers love it.

Play all video resolutions (4K, HD & SD), our video players is lightweight and built atop HTML5 so it adapts flawlessly to every screen/device including smart TVs, computers, tablets and smart phones.

This means you can embed your videos anywhere you can think of, blogs, forums, websites, eCommerce stores, landing pages, in mobile apps, inside software/web apps, members-only areas.

My Final Thoughts

Adilo is the perfect solution for you and your business. It’s a must-have tool for your business to grow online. Video is the most important marketing asset for acquiring customers today and we help you leverage videos without breaking the bank or losing half of your traffic to ads from your competitor.

  • Host unlimited videos for life (stop paying costly monthly fees)
  • Beautiful 4K HTML5 video player that you can embed anywhere
  • Powerful video marketing tools (split testing, lead capture, video chapters)
  • Make your videos interactive and engaging with video chapters
  • Fully SEO optimised videos and viral marketing tools
  • Cut your video hosting & marketing bill by up to 90% (insane savings)
  • 100% AD-FREE… real video marketing solution for growing businesses
  • Rich video insights & analytics to track performance & engagement in real-time
  • Perfect for eCommerce, memberships, landing pages, sales funnels & websites
  • Playlists, Zapier integrations, vertical video support, heatmaps & so much more

The game changer and what many people are calling “The Future of Video Marketing” and the reasons are obvious.

Adilo provides businesses and marketers the power to grow, engage, promote, market and sell with videos for life without ever dealing with monthly fees.

And more than just lifetime video hosting benefits, Adilo comes packing the most powerful marketing features that will enable you to engage with your audience and acquire customers faster than before

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