5 Ways To Do MLM Prospecting The Right Way!

MLM Prospecting is probably the most written about, and trained on subjects within the MLM Industry.  You can check out virtually any offline event much like your weekly hotel meetings, super Saturday, or national conventions and become familiar with a variety of MLM prospecting methods.  

There is both a skill along with a science to MLM prospecting. Master the skills and you will be able to write your own first-class ticket to success. Gloss over the subject and don’t give “MLM prospecting” the time and attention it deserves and, chances are, you’ll struggle for a year to create a long-term profitable business.  Let’s dive into some of the tips that I have for you to refine your MLM prospecting and recruiting skills.

MLM Prospecting the right way

Do not make the mistake of believing that everyone is a prospect for your MLM business. The best way to find your target market isn’t by sitting around Starbucks, the malls, or the grocery market looking for people that may appear sharp, but rather connecting with individuals that have been or are currently working inside the network marketing profession. 

These individuals understand network marketing already and don’t make inquiries like “Is This A Pyramid”. How I’ve usually found these people is by leveraging the web to brand or market myself not my business opportunity.

These are the type of people you would like to continually be searching for when MLM recruiting are individuals who are in need of your products.

Figure out how to market on the web and this becomes quite simple to sponsor these types of people. You’ll even have them calling and hunting you down.  Marketing isn’t about selling products, it’s about solving people’s problems.  I want you to remember that.  The MLM profession is all about taking yourself out of the way and helping people get what they want.

Not everyone that walks by you is a prospect

MLM prospecting is not about talking to everybody that comes within 3 feet of you. In my personal opinion that is one the worst MLM prospecting tips and is one of the reasons why the MLM profession has such a bad reputation and the cause for such a high attrition rate.

It’s simply understanding what you have and how to get it in front of the people who want it most efficiently. Once you approach random individuals who have not expressed a want for what you have, it only leads to resistance and rejection. Network marketers only do this because they don’t understand the marketing aspect of ‘Network Marketing’.

Trust me, I know. I spent almost an entire year of going to the places daily just to prospect. I used to go out on purpose to prospect, not prospecting while I was out and about. My upline used to tell me to go out and get 5 numbers a day. If I was not getting 5 numbers a day, then I was not serious about my business. On weekends, I used to spend 10 hours a day driving around town obtaining and capturing contact numbers and only to follow up with either a wrong phone number or they were just not interested.

Your mindset towards the business

Take into consideration “prospecting” your friends and family.  Let me ask you a question.  How does that make you feel?

Do you immediately get into defense mode and start making a myriad of excuses like “I don’t wish to bother my friends… I don’t wish to pester my family… I have no friends left… I’m part of the NFL (No Friends Left) club?” If that’s the case that’s an enormous clue you have the wrong mindset from the beginning.

If you think approaching friends and family is somehow going to be taking advantage of them – then you don’t understand the power of what you have your hands on. If you feel you are somehow bothering people – then, chances are, you’re coming from a position of MAKING A SALE… and no one likes to be sold anything, do they? Of course not! I know I don’t like to be sold!

However, when we discover something we want, we LOVE to buy stuff.

Does your prospect have a particular problem, challenge or need you have a potential solution for? Otherwise, there is no need to share the product or services with them.  Learning this distinction between “selling and prospecting” is one of the most powerful MLM prospecting tips you can embrace. It changes everything.

MLM prospecting funnel system.

Use an MLM prospecting funnel system.

What is an MLM prospecting funnel system? It gives you the ability to take potential customers and future business partners thru a process of qualification where you only spend time with those that are actually serious about joining your business opportunity or purchasing your products. This frees up your time and energy drastically.

Using a system is probably one of the most powerful of any MLM prospecting tips especially if you plan to market on the internet. Once you have a highly effective system in place you can drive traffic toy our personal website, to generate high-quality leads, qualify those leads, and sponsor new reps almost on autopilot.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion just remember MLM prospecting just isn’t about chasing friends, family, and neighbors. It’s about knowing exactly who your target market is and where you need to spend the majority of your time and energy to get the best results… and lastly, you need an MLM prospecting system that does the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t waste your time and energy speaking to people that have no intentions in joining your business, or should be a business owner.

It’s your turn!

What prospecting tips can you add the list?  What have you found that works well when you’re prospecting for your business?  Please leave your feedback in the comments section and I look forward to reading them!

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11 responses to “5 Ways To Do MLM Prospecting The Right Way!”

  1. Dora says:

    Hope your day is filling with joy. Coffee is on….Enjoyed your article

  2. renee says:

    You always have great tips as always. Thanks for sharing

  3. Jason Power says:

    Hey Nate,

    Hope your having a great weekend.

    I think the two aspects of this that are most important are, first the target market if you are not targeting correctly then it would be similar to selling a tire to someone who does not have a car it just does not work.

    Secondly the funnel, however you use a type of sales funnel, and there is a lot that goes into this as it is the process itself for recruitment.

  4. Katrina says:

    “Is this a pyramid?!” KLOL Good grief! It’s unbelievable people still ask that!

    Great post as ALWAYS!!! Thanks for the excellent content, Nate!

  5. Gena Livings says:

    Thanks Nate!
    Actually, I have to admit that I didn’t even know what MLM actually stood for but now I do!
    Once again, you brought up some very good points on this subject. I’m not a big MLM’er yet (lol) but I’m learning new strategies with your articles each day. I appreciate all your sound advice!
    Healthy blessings

  6. Hey Nate,

    This is some powerful stuff here. I tip my hat off to you. I definitely agree on every tip you have here on the post and I definitely don’t have anything to add to it. Know your target market and focus on solving their problems! That’s the foundation of prospecting! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Matt Insardi says:

    Knowing who you’re actually talking to will increase your conversions immediatly… If you try to market to everyone you end up marketing to no one! Thanks Nate!

  8. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Nate,

    Well said! I remember Ray Higdon explaining that you need to go after leaders to become a leader. Or better put attract leaders by being the person you most want to be. In MLM or any niche.



  9. Ian Bartley says:

    Some quality tips Nate. It’s all about automation and targeting the right people.

  10. Alan R. Stein says:

    Hello Nate,

    Your perspectives makes good sense, and much of it has made sense to me instinctively for a long time. Many years ago, my wife and I participated in an Amway business. We became VERY disullusioned with the business training tools and metholdologies that they promoted to establish and grow our business. Needless to see,our business failed. I promised myself to “never again” mix personal friendships/family with business prospecting.

    Lo and behold, after more than a decade away from anything having to do with MLM, I recently became interested in another business opportunity. Unfortunately, after digging deeper into the company’s training metholdologies, it became clear to me that it was simply a re-hash of all the old training and prospecting methods that had been promoted a couple of decades earlier in the Amway business.

    So here’s my question: How does one go about picking a MLM opportunity to work with and yet manage to avoid the objectionable training methodologies that are built right into their business support and training systems? Until I can figure out a way to manage that tricky feat, I will continue to avoid MLM opportunities, no matter how good they may appear to sound on the surface.

    Thanks in advance for your effort in responding to this message—it is greatly appreciated.

    All The Best,
    Al Stein

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Al,

      This profession has changed since the Amway days. Now a day, most reps build their businesses online. This can be done via a blog, social media or video marketing to name a few. There are companies out there that still teach the same business practices. You have to remember that most companies have to normalize the process when it comes to their training. It has to be an equal playing field for most reps that are seasoned or brand new. If you do decide to give MLM another try, just know there are other ways to build than to expose the business opportunity to your friends and family.

      Good luck!

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