5 Simple Tricks To Increase Engagement on Facebook

You can increase as many fans and followers on the Facebook page of your business, however, until and unless those fans are not engaged properly and on frequent bases, they cannot give you the results which you desire, no matter how great is the number of fans on your business page. Therefore, besides increasing the fan count, a smart entrepreneur must always focus on increasing the engagement of the fans on Facebook.

Sharing of quality content without any planning and targeting results may degrade the potential of the content, therefore, it is of grave importance that a business works on developing a plan that increases fan engagement on Facebook. Let me share with you some tips that have worked best for me when it comes to increasing engagement.

Increasing Engagement on Facebook

Asking Questions:

The first and simplest thing that can help increase engagement on Facebook is asking questions. When you ask questions to the fans on the page, it comes as a discussion starter and then fans reply to it and then engage with either the brand directly or with each other. Therefore, whatever kind of interaction that may take place as a response to the question asked, it does increase engagement, which if properly handled results in achieving leads and sales.

Hit The Right Time:

The second important thing pertaining to increased engagement on the Facebook page is hitting the right time for sharing content. You need to understand the time at which your fans or the target audience use Facebook, thus, when they are online, only then would be the right time for sharing content. If the content is not shared at the right time, then no matter how great is it, it will never be able to produce the desired engagement level. Hence, try understanding your fans and hit them with quality content at the right time for better and greater engagement.


You can attract many fans on Facebook by having images that provide value.  The key here is to share something that is meaningful and at the same time something that your followers take to apply.  People who are on social media love images and they love to look at things that are cool.  This is one way to increase engagement by having cool images to share.


One of the most effective contemporary strategies of increasing engagement on Facebook is by starting a contest. You can start a contest with some explicit or implicit reward with it and then ask your fans to join the contest. Although there is never a substantial reward in any contest, it is the thrive of competing with others that makes the fans participate in the contest, hence the level of engagement rises whenever a contest is initiated by the business.

increase engagement on facebook 2


Although it is not a freeway of increasing engagement on Facebook, however, using Facebook ads has become one of the common practices pertaining to increasing traffic on Facebook which can then be engaged with the content on the page. Therefore, businesses that have a little budget can opt for Facebook ads which will bring quality traffic to the page, which can then easily be engaged by offering quality content. Hence, ads should be opted for, whenever possible and if the budget allows it.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Do you face fan engagement problems on your page? What kind of strategies do you adopt for fan engagement? How have those strategies worked for you? What is the level of engagement of your fans? Please share your feedback in the comments section below!

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22 responses to “5 Simple Tricks To Increase Engagement on Facebook”

  1. Roslyn says:

    Useful tips and I’ve used them all. Sometimes they work.

  2. Ana says:

    I haven’t done very much with Facebook yet so thanks for these great tips for when I do.

  3. Great tips and strategies for increasing engagement on Facebook. It is important to be active in social media. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robert says:

    Engagement is so important… If you can post the right images you can really get peoples emotions going and this is what triggers engagement. Thanks for a great post and tricks!

  5. Don says:

    You are so right, the right content at the right time is key. Unfortunately, I’m convinced for a good number of people to see our posts we’re going to have to pay as the organic reach is very low even with 20 comments.

  6. Great list Nate,

    One of mine is posting at the wrong time but that’s sometimes tough to do.

  7. Bonnie Gean says:

    I use all the methods above, but I prefer the questions and images over the Facebook ads.

    When you do ads, you’re bringing in fresh eyeballs, which isn’t the same engagement as when you’re talking to fans who already know, like and trust you.

    I can get them to open up much quicker than I can a newcomer to the page.

    • Christy says:

      @Bonnie, when I ask questions, I get crickets. So glad it’s working for you. =)

  8. Priya says:

    Great tips! Its very important to interact on your page and share what people want to see or you start loosing your audience.

  9. Nate this is great, could not have come at a better time. I did not have any stratifies until reading your blog. I like the idea of contest you are right most people like the competition great tips thanks.

  10. Pat Moon says:

    I just put up a survey today. That will give me some idea of engagement. I know I have a fair amount of engagement already because I monitor my notifications for comments and answer most all comments.

  11. Christy says:

    I’ve seen several webinars just recently that said that it was better to post simple text, but state that the link, image, video, etc would be in the comments. And then turn around and put it in the comments.

    What do you think about this tactic?

  12. Samir says:


    I guess images plays are major role in getting attention of readers and so we can easily get some good referral traffic.

    I’d prefer memes as the best way to drive attention of readers.

  13. Hi Nate,

    This is a great and timely post for me as I used to have a lot of engagement on my page but all of a sudden since Facebook changed their algorithm and my engagement went downhill inspite of trying all of the points you mentioned except for the contests. That led me to ignore it while I was busy updating my blog but I am back now and I want to start engaging again with my fans and your post is a great refresher.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom Nate. Have yourself a great weekend.

    Be Blessed,


    • Samir says:

      Hello Neamat,

      Just a quick reply, I’ve visited your blog 2 to 4 times and found it under construction and I guess its live again. Seems like we gonna get some articles to read.


  14. Ashley says:

    These are all great tips! Asking questions is a great way to connect with followers and start a conversation.

  15. Micahel says:

    I must commend your intelligence. All these are useful tips in increasing traffic in any social media platform, not only Facebook.
    To get more fans, all one needs to do is engage people and more people will come aboard.
    So, there are different ways to engage people.
    Choice of topics is very important too; topics like marital issues, football etc are great to get people’s attention.
    Keep the good work going Nate.

  16. Gina says:

    These are great tips. I haven’t tried a contest yet, and don’t know how it would work with my business (counseling). Seems like images work best for me.

  17. Sharon ODay says:

    Thanks for sharing the Top Five on your hit parade of FB engagement starters, Nate! I tend to get good engagement by investing the time to make comments that took thought, not just the knee-jerk we see all too often.

  18. Mike says:

    Great tricks. I love asking questions. I also love to start posts about controversial topics… well, not necessarily controversial… but topics that people have STRONG OPINIONS on, for both sides of the argument… and then giving them a place to hash it out.

  19. You nailed it! I am especially liking FB ads. They are the bomb!

  20. Great Article Nate.

    Sound advice for everybody marketing on Facebook. Asking questions is a HUGE one. The vast majority of marketers on Facebook simply spam their promotional link and expect leads and sales to come flooding in. It’s really the case that marketing online is no different to marketing offline. You need to be a human 🙂 That means engaging as a genuine person, being real and showing the real you. Humour also greatly helps! All great ways to increase your likelihood of success.

    Great tips, will tweet for sure.

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