4 Ways to Effectively Use Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing Business

Word of mouth advertising is usually the most effective type of marketing. When you’ve got a solid Facebook presence, you have access to the best type of word of mouth advertising.

Many Network Marketers struggle with how to figure out the right balance when using  Facebook to build their Network Marketing business. Greater percentages of Network Marketers that do not follow the “rules” of social media marketing are usually not successful. However, the smaller percentages of the Network Marketers that do stick to the social media “rules” build successful businesses.

So, let’s discuss the rules for playing on the social media playground

Building relationships with people on social media is important. When you first start out using Facebook for building your Network Marketing business, be sure to set a goal to develop long term, and mutually beneficial relationships. Your purpose is to provide valuable input towards the marketplace and also developing relationships with people. Remember to always be “Interested in your prospect, not Interesting”. Interesting meaning, talking about yourself and how wonderful your opportunity is.

Just pitching your Network Marketing opportunity or product right out of the gate usually does not work very well. Spend some time to build relationships with people that you connect with. If done correctly, your followers will certainly ask you about your opportunity or product.

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Use a Good Profile Photo

In order to build relationships; you’ll want to use a picture of yourself that clearly shows your face. If at all possible, get a professional picture done. If you can’t do that, then make sure you get a picture that is under good lighting conditions that shows your face to post as your default profile picture.

If you were using Facebook just to play games like Farmville or Candy Crush and connect with family and friends for personal reasons, then a picture of the kids or the dog may be fine. However, since you want to convey a professional image and build professional relationships, then it is important to put a picture of your face that portrays you as a person who is friendly and trustworthy. Do not post pictures of yourself with your product. This just conveys you as a pusher.

4 Ways to Effectively Use The Power of Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing Business2

Use Common Sense for Posts

Stop and think about what you want to write before you post an update, upload a picture, or invite someone to play a game. If you find that you are posting pictures that would lessen your status as an authority, then you want to think about why you’re using Facebook to begin with.

What do you want people to perceive you as?  Someone who complains about politics?  Someone who talks about how negative their family is?

Just remember that people are watching you and you may not even realize it. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask yourself when you are about to post a status update on Facebook.


Is this something I would want to read or see?

If I were to read this post, would it turn me off about the Network Marketing industry or opportunity?

Is there any insightful value or helpful information in this post?

Does this sound scammy, spammy and pitchy?

If you don’t apply common sense, then you are going to push people away and not even realize it.  If you are posting game requests to your friends, then you are going to portray a very unprofessional image.

Of course, we all like the games on Facebook during our downtime, but use a separate profile for games. Use a different profile for professional marketing purposes. When you use social media for marketing, you need to be selective in building your friend’s list.  You want to attract and connect with people like yourself.

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Be Strategic in Building your Facebook Friend’s List

Start by looking for groups that are of interest to you and your organization then join them. Decide what your interests are and your niche is. Search out the leaders and influences in your niche or industry and connect with them on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the four ways to effectively build your Network Marketing business using Facebook.  What strategies have you used to build your Network Marketing business on Facebook?

Did you get value from this blog post?

If so, please leave your comments below and share this on social media 😊

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32 responses to “4 Ways to Effectively Use Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. Hey Nate,
    I totally agree with you.
    Facebook plays a huge part in building the presence of your business, provided we play by the rules as you say.
    Twitter plays just as big of a part too doesn’t it?
    I do not think we should overlook Triberr and Dubbler as their popularity is increasing rapidly too.
    Recently Buffer was brought to my attention too.
    Do you use any of these other media yourself?

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Gary,

      Absolutely. I’ve been using Facebook to build my business. Works out pretty good if you’re just using it with the intention of building great relationships. The only downside is that it is slower. The way I look at it, is can you run a sprint with friendships? All great friendships are marathons not sprints. That’s how I look at it. So the way to increase the momentum is to talk to more people.

      I do use Twitter. I’ll follow those who are in the same industry and also send them a message by thanking them for following me and also let them know that I’ll be sharing great value. I’ll re-tweet some of their content as well, letting them know that I support and agree with their tweet. This way they don’t think I’m just strictly promoting my opportunity.

      Another social media site that I love to use second to Facebook is Linkedin.com and Google Plus.

      With Linkedin.com, it can be a little “spammy” on there but I make it a point to return a message back to them letting them know that I thank them for sharing the opportunity. Most of the time when these people send me unsolicited links, is because they do not know any better and it’s not their fault. They see everyone else doing it and feel compelled to do the same.

      The way I’ve been using Google Plus +1 on their comment, very much like how we as bloggers are commenting on each other’s sites. I noticed that people on Google Plus are not as responsive.

      One site similar to buffer that I’m using is Stumble Upon. I haven’t used Buffer, but now that you mentioned it, I’ll be checking it out.

      On a side note, I’ve also been active on Pinterest. 80% of the demographics on Pinterst are females. Pretty interesting, right?

  2. Bill Garner says:

    Tremendous words about social media marketing. Sadly, most networkers are breaking the rules right out the gate when they get started in their businesses. I have discovered that some of the best training I do when I get people enrolled is to tell them to stay quiet offline and online until we can get together for a strategy session. That strategy session needs to occur in 24 to 48 hours.

    If everyone learned these strategies for social media marketing that Nate has been discussing, there would be less negativity about network marketing across the board. Professional network marketers must adhere to more professionalism whether it’s offline or online.

    I like to think of Facebook as an outdoor barbecue. It’s a great place for getting to know one another and building relationships. However, I wouldn’t want to be invited to a barbecue, and then in the middle of what I perceived to be a social situation, someone pitches me on their deal.

    I think about the principles of the golden rule. Luke 6:31 reminds us, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Facebook is no different. Let’s commit to building collegiality in network marketing by adhering to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

    To your success!

    Bill Garner

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Bill,

      Yes, when you sign up a new rep, they need to get started right. That’s a good idea about staying offline until something has been laid out.

      Love that verse. Facebook, social media, family gathering, meeting someone at Starbucks, it doesn’t matter what the delivery system is, all of the people come in different ways but get treated equally. Just because you meet someone on Facebook doesn’t mean you can spam them because it’s the internet.

      Would someone who spams on Facebook, pitch a stranger on the street? More than likely not.

      Awesome contribution Bill!

  3. People need to see YOU to trust you. Use that photo! Stand out. Smile. Say Cheese….lol!

    Thanks for sharing Nate!

  4. Hey Nate,

    When I first started doing online marketing, the first thing my mentor advise me to do was to create a different facebook profile for my business. You want to definitely figure out who you want to attract to you and your business and inviting people to play farmville isn’t going to do it. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hi Nate,

    Great Post Nate and great tips to effectively use facebook. Facebook is a very good place to make strong connections. I love using facebook as my Marketing Strategy.

    Yes, you need to make sure that your profile information makes it easy for people to find out more about you if they want to. You want to make sure to show who you are as a real person and do NOT put a picture on your Facebook profile of a dog, car, etc. that really does not promote you as a professional Facebook marketer. We need to remember,Facebook Marketing is about branding.

    The key to getting people to join your page and stay there is to start building a sense of community. Start some topics that people can start responding to, topics that are relevant to your business. Establish yourself as an authority in your given subject, and the next time a customer needs something from your area of expertise, you will be the first person they will think of!

    Thanks Nate for sharing this tips with all of us. Have yourself a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    • Nate Leung says:

      Hey Neamat!

      It’s one of my favorite marketing strategies as well.

      I see the mistake of so many marketers use a picture other than themselves or worse, they leave the default Facebook picture on there because they are either afraid or lazy to upload a picture of themselves.

      Engagement on Facebook is everything like you said. Share content and at the same time give value.

      Thanks for the feedback Neamat!

  6. Adrienne says:

    Hey Nate,

    I totally agree and it’s the same thing all around the web really. Don’t put anything out there that you wouldn’t want to see yourself. This is your reputation you’re building so how do you want people to perceive you.

    Facebook is a great site to connect with others on but you have to stand out and be heard. I know a lot of people have issues with it because like any other social site it can get really busy at times.

    If you’re there to connect with potential prospects then make sure you have all your information displayed properly because I’ve visited so many pages and besides Facebook, I honestly have no idea what they’re doing. I really do hate that too.

    I love asking questions on my profiles both personal and fan page. One is for fun and the other is for business. It really helps break the ice you know and get people to enjoying themselves. Everyone is always throwing stuff in our faces so make it light.

    Great tips here and very helpful.


  7. Hi Nate,
    Good tips for sure. Although many people seem to do well with Facebook marketing, I prefer not to market on Facebook. Facebook is really a social site and it is about developing relationships and most of my people are from a large line dance community who have no interest in entrepreneurship of any kind. 🙂

    So what do I do? I inspire. Most people, my following and people I know – know me for inspiring posts, inspiring comments that I try to deliver daily. They like that and come often although many of them ”troll.’ The thing is they actually know I’m a network marketer and when they need something, they always come to me.

    I think I’m successful with this non-marketing/soft sell strategy because I don’t sell. They know what I do and the fact that I always move to inspire them drives them to me when they need something.

    So my strategy on FB is just be me. Works for me. 🙂
    Thanks for providing tips for others. Different strategies will work for different people. Some are really successful at FB marketing and that’s a great thing.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Barbara,

      That is an excellent strategy. I think people do need more inspiration on their wall instead of the spammy stuff that we see on a daily basis. What gets you noticed is when you do things differently than what everyone else is promoting. Great tips Barbara!

  8. John Engle says:

    Hey Nate,

    You give solid advice here…

    I have learned the hard way that, “People Don’t Join a Business, They Join You!”

    I have built websites in the past with the thoughts, ‘build it and they will come’.

    Although friends and mentors have been telling me the same thing for years now, I admit that I have been a slow learner with a recent breakthrough that, to develop my business, I need to build relationships… it took me a while, but I got it! Well, Duh!

    One important lesson I have learned from the Network Marketing Pro himself Eric Worre, is to get the person to talk more about themselves… show a real interest in them and the rest will fall into place.

    As for Social Media avenues, I have also learned not to pitch my opportunity until at least 3 or 4 qualifying messages have gone back and forth.

    As always, you are right on the money from what I have learned… you make some great points to follow and live by…

    John Engle

  9. Chuck Holmes says:

    I’ve never had much luck building my MLM Business with Facebook. All I do now is the group feature for my own Mastermind group. I prefer blogging and email marketing. I know it works for some people, but I found the time and money ROI is not worth it for me. Any thoughts?


    I want to learn how to do network marketing business by Facebook. Please guide me. Thank you.

  11. SYED AZHAR says:

    according to my little experience in fb marketing, I found that they are 3 rules that makes people join me..
    1- Relationship
    2- Trust
    3- Result

    What you said above, I totally agreed. 🙂
    thanks Nate

  12. Erica says:

    I’ve been in Network marketing for about 10 months now and struggling to find customers and new prospects and would really like to learn how to use social media to grow my business. Would appreciate any help. Many thanks

  13. doreen says:

    Hi..I have just strated with this network marketing for a companny in health and beauty products and gave no idea how to get started to get exposure. .I did create a group for the products ..I am pensioner and need to get orders to get commission…can u help with instructions? Thank you

    • Nate Leung says:

      Hi Doreen,

      Feel free to contact me here!

      • Manuel Dadzie says:

        Have Started Out With A Network Marketing Company. Have Been Successful In Africa, But Moving Beyond Info The Global Space Has Been A Bit Of A Challenge, Could You Guide Me Along This Path Nate Leung.

  14. Bev says:

    MLMs on Facebook are a nightmare and I immediately block anyone promoting them in local groups.

  15. Christopher Karim says:

    I’ve recently gotten involved in a network marketing business. Growing my network is a problem area for me! I would like to know how to expand my network using social media. How to ‘reach out’ and connect with people without ‘creeping’ them out…and how to generate leads/sales/traffic?

    • Anthony says:

      Thank you so much Mr Nate for your open mindedness.

    • Fanwell Mugadza says:

      Great blog post! Christopher, well done for making the decision to Join Network Marketing. There are a lot of ways to use to generate prospects for your network marketing using Social Media. I like to use Paid ads and I still use them. The reason I use paid ads is I just do not have the time do sit on my computer on Facebook to do active prospecting like reaching out to the people that are active o facebook the same time I am active., I do MLM part time. However, for paid ads to work, you are not going to be running the ads directly to your MLM opportunity or company products, there is a better way that you can use to provide value so that the people can actually reach out to you. I teach that on my blog but I would say consider running ads as one of your ways to use Social Media to Recruit more people into your business.

  16. Imma Hindjou says:

    I am a distributor for one of the network marketing companies and would like to learn ways to grow my business using Facebook.
    Please assist.

  17. Tamanta says:

    I’d like to make a few additional suggestions for MLMer’s on FB.

    I belong to a number of fitness and running groups. Sometimes members friend each other after interacting for a period of time. My stomach always sinks when I make a new fitness FB pal and they immediately start IM’ng me about their business or coaching services. Because it feels insincere. And it feels like I was being stalked as a potential source of income. You know what I do with those new FB pals? Delete and block. I don’t want to hear their lame pitch. I’ve been targeted as a potential income source on so many groups and pages by people selling Scentsy, wine, lip gloss, lotions, potions, shakes, coaching services, wraps, nail stuff, you name it. The market is saturated and we’re all sick of it. So STOP targeting people on Facebook. We hate you guys.


    • Sonna Jonas-Livingstone says:

      Hi Tamanta
      I am a MLMer’s very new to it. And I hope your stomach remain sturdy.
      What you have said and felt resonates with me. However I do believe that one can forge strong bonds great relationships through business. I see that your passion is for fitness and I am in the business for wellness. This could be a mutual friendship take a look at my website. Please, please let me now your thoughts.

  18. Kennedy says:

    I need help on how to starting doing online marketing

  19. Steven says:

    Awesome tips, will use them in my business. Thank you as always.

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