The Truth About Enagic Kangen Water Machine – The Enagic 6A Power Life Pro System Review

Succeeding in business is what every entrepreneur desires. Not only do they wish to earn that first million dollars a year, but to maintain it year after year, and be a leader in their field. Joining the leadership of the PowerLife Pro Dream team is something that many will aspire to. This is a complete program to ensure your success.


The program has a variety of tools to help you succeed in business. It begins with Power Life Pro webinars and sales videos. Instructional online tools will show you how the business plan works. You’ll learn about the basics of the Enagic comp plan to reach the rank of 6A and above and you will get to see how the product works in action. You’ll also see the best water quality demo and product testimonials. Together, these will help you to make a quick decision once you join the Power Life Pro dream team.


You may be wondering why you should dedicate your time and energy to a business opportunity that has been around for over 20 years. It’s simple. This is a proven product that sells in the marketplace. They’ve been tested and used for over 40 years, and the business plan is in place to help you succeed in offering these products to your customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re offering to your already existing customer base, or you’re seeking out new customers—the Power Life Pro plan is for you.  As you may or may not notice, automation is what gives you the best leverage these days.


Before learning more about the business, I want to share with you a little bit more about the company Enagic. Kangen Water is a trademarked water system that’s made by a company called Enagic. Enagic sells their water systems throughout the world. The water is specially treated to be ionized.


Enagic Kangen Water Power Life Pro System Scam ReviewWhat makes the Enagic K8 Water Machine is the future of all water systems?


Enagic provides a good quality product that is manufactured in Japan. Water is something that people use and consume every day. For each sale, you can make upwards of $2700, plus bonuses. A financing plan is available to customers, but it doesn’t affect the reps in the company—they still get paid.


This company is over forty years old. They currently generate $30 million a month in revenue. Each leader in the plan gets a guaranteed bonus and a share for life. This is a product that is not sold through a call center or online, because those are older methods of selling.


About the Enagic K8 Water Machine


This unique water machine was designed and manufactured in Japan, one of the world’s leaders in new technology. It can produce five different kinds of water. It can provide strong Kangen waters at 11 pH. It will emulsify oil and clean food. It can produce water at a pH of 8.5 to 9.5 which is the ideal for healthy drinking water and water used to cook in. The clean water 7 pH is perfect for babies to consume. It is also healthier to drink a glass of water with medications. When using water to clean the skin, water plants or do household cleaning, it can produce water at 4.0 to 6.0 pH. The water machine can also produce acidic water at 2.7 pH which is perfect for disinfecting surfaces and can kills viruses and bacteria.


Celebrities Kangen Water Enagic


Many celebrities from around the world have already purchased the Enagic water system. People such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins have invested in this system. Famous singers such as Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, and Elton John all enjoy the benefits of the Enagic water system. Many pro athletes also endorse this plan, having the understanding that clean fresh water is an important aspect of life for all humans on the planet. Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, and Jillian Michaels all benefit from clean healthy water. Famous actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lopez, and Brad Pitt are also receive the benefits of Enagic. There are so many more important people in the world who not only use the Enagic water system, but they can recommend its usage to many third world countries who simply don’t produce enough healthy water on their own.


Why it’s a Dream Product!


The Enagic water system is truly a dream product. It’s something that everyone needs—fresh clean water. The water system produces a high quality, medical grade, alkalized water for human consumption.


This water system is used by many famous celebrities, athletes, millionaires, and doctors around the world today.
Enagic is based on Japan, and through a process of ionization, they can provide clean healthy pH-balanced water to everyone. This company actually began as a part of Sony many years ago—1974 to be exact. These water systems have been popular in Japan for decades, before they even made it to North America. In 2000, the first modern water filtration system was developed. International distribution began in 2003, starting with LA.


By selling the Enagic water system you can earn extremely high commissions. These can range from $300 to $2700 per sale, depending on which product you’ve sold.


Once you make a sale, you’ll receive a check instantly. There’s no waiting period. Even working for someone else you often have to wait three weeks before you even get your pay check.


You also gain leverage over time, as you can earn big commissions from team sales. You can also earn bonuses as you make your way up through the ranks. These are commissions and bonuses that you earn for the rest of your life, even if you choose to pursue other goals. Enagic is one of the best companies to consider when you’re seeking a new business opportunity, as well as a great new career.


What Sets Enagic Apart from Other Water Systems?


When customers purchase the Enagic water system they are gaining a high quality machine. They do not have to place a down payment. They can get a zero down financing option. Enagic is a company that will pay out guaranteed bonuses over time for those who have reaches its leadership ranks.


More About Zero Down Financing


Enagic has partnered with several different finance companies to provide the zero down financing. This helps to get customers started. Most people in Canada and the USA can qualify for zero down financing as long as they have a credit score of over 550. Since Enagic offers zero down financing, this can remove the number one roadblock for people who are in need of a water system.


How You Can Get Guaranteed Income for Life


When you assume a leadership role at Enagic, you can benefit from the Power Pro Life Program. As you help more people to reach the 6A rank, you’ll earn more bonus money. In order to reach the 6A category, you’ll need to grow your downline to 600 people. It’s up to you to ensure that each person in the downline is fully qualified to succeed. You’ll also have the opportunity to be one of the first people to be positioned on the Power Life Pro team.


Power Life Pro Trifecta Enagic Kangen Water


When you join you have the option of purchasing three positions, also known as the “trifecta”. The first will earn you double commissions. In position number two, you can expect to earn three times the bonuses. As part of the 6A2-3 spot, you can expect to earn about $5000 per month in lifetime bonuses. This will have the potential of creating $460,000 per year in one profit share. As soon as you hit the 6A ranks, you’ll get bonuses for life.


You can earn even more money by turning that $50,000 into double—$1,000,000 per year but having multiple 6A positions. It’s Enagic’s goal to help you to reach that one million dollars per year guaranteed, by helping you to reach the 6A2-3 rank.


Here’s How the Numbers Work


We have a variety of tools to help you to get started. The Ringless Voicesmail is about $20 to $50 per application. This is a simple and cheap way to get started on the Power Life Pro Plan. It’s also a high-quality service. It’s a simple process that anyone can set up and use.


You’ll receive CPA leads, which cost about $40 to $80 per application. This is the easiest way to being generating leads. It doesn’t require any setup by members. Each application can be worth anywhere between $300 to $2700 each.


When you’re part of the Power Life Pro Plan you’ll receive the benefits of a proven sales process that can generate sales leads on a daily basis. This system is 100% free of charge to our Enagic team.


Enagic is starting to release this beta system to new members. This is because they want to build leadership from its membership base. They wish to gain testimonials from members, which will be used to further create a growing membership base. All of these efforts will help you to start hitting the membership ranks. The sooner the main team can grow in the ranks, the sooner that even more people can be brought int to help with the Power Life Pro Plan.


Are you excited about new opportunities? This is one not to be missed. You can fill out the handy online form to learn more about how to make $5243 in the next 30 days. This involves you not having to use any of your own money.


All you have to do to sign up for this invitation-only program is to enter your personal details. To get started you need to provide your full name, email address, and a phone number. Click on “Gain Access Now!” to begin the next step.




The Highlights of the Enagic Dream Product Water System


Everyone needs to drink water, and bathe with water in their daily lives. Currently, most cities don’t provide a high enough water quality for most people. Water simply isn’t filtered properly, and is often full of toxins and chemicals. Enagic is the solution for people who wish to only drink the highest-quality water.


Drinking Kangen water makes your body more alkaline. A more alkaline body has been proven to have maximum health benefits.


Enagic wants their leadership base to succeed. They do this by paying out super-high commissions. These can range from $300 to $2700 per sale. When a sales member makes a sale, they receive a check immediately. You can also gain leverage from earning commissions from the sales team under you. This also has the benefit of helping you to rise through the bonus ranks so that you will be paid monthly for life!


The Power Life Pro system does all the lead generation for you, to help you succeed. It also does the selling, and you get free training to help you to do so.


This is a proven process that has been proven to be extremely profitable over time. It’s also 100% free for every person on the Enagic team.


You can also get started with only zero down financing. This helps you to get started in the business, without any money out of your pocket. Yet, you can still benefit from earning commissions from the beginning.



The Main Vision of the Team and Company


PLP's goals are to continue to grow until they reach the highest ranks in the business. They will not stop going until they make their first $10,000,000 or more every year. They’re committed to taking you with them too.


If you wish to join the Power Life Pro Dream team this year, you now have the chance to sign up on an invitation-only process. This may give you a chance to get positioned on the team. This also gives you the added opportunity of benefiting from an early position, so that you can benefit from the growth and bonus systems in place.


Here's what you need to do next…


RSVP for a leadership role by filling out the online form today. You’ll be glad that you spent the time to learn more about the Power Life Pro Enagic Game Plan.  Once you do that, I look forward to working with you on the other side!

To your Success,

Nate Leung

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