How to Be a Better Networker in Your Market Place

In the world of Network Marketing, the general notion is that if you have a unique business and creative services, then all you need to do is to sell to every other person you come in contact with or whom you have in your network to grow your business. This notion is wrong, this is not how Network Marketing is done and this is definitely not how Networking is done.


The one thing quite famous among Network Marketing circles is the different seminars that are conducted to allow network marketers to network with others and expand their business. Unfortunately, people because of their lack of knowledge and inexperience pertaining to the basics of networking are not able to benefit from this events properly and thus don’t experience any growth. In the lines below, I will discuss with you some tips that will allow you to become a better networker in your market place and utilize networking events and seminars to their optimal potential.


How to Be a Better Networker in Your Market PlaceSmile:


The one major problem that people at a networking event is that they forget to smile. Everyone present at a networking seminar has some other full time job or have other worries of their own, but this does not mean that they all come to the event with sad faces. If truth be told, no one likes to talk or hear someone talk who does not smile and has no spark in the eyes.  Therefore, the first thing you need to do in order to be able to network better is smile. It shows your confidence and gives a message to people that you are friendly and approachable, thus, instead of you going to them with a dull face, they come to you when you are smiling. Hence, to be a better networker you need to have smile on your face all the time.


Goal of Connecting:


The other major reason why people aren’t able to network properly and in a better way when attending networking seminars is that they have the wrong goals associated with the seminar. Commonly, people go to such events with the goal of selling in mind, therefore, every person they meet at the event, they try to sell him or her. Frankly speaking, people are least bothered about what you have to say at such events, therefore, the goal of pitching your business in front of them won’t work. Thus, you need to reconsider your goals and aim for the goal of connecting. When connecting is your goal, you won’t be pitching your business to them, rather you will emphasize on letting others approach you and have a conversation. Pertaining to connecting, the one most important and most commonly ignored thing is listening. When you listen to others, they value your company, and when they value your company there will be a time where they would let you speak and would listen attentively, which is in total contrast to what happens when you go and start selling your business to them.


MLM Tips How to Effectively Master a Three-Way CallRoll It Back:


As I mentioned earlier that when networking with others you need to have a conversation with them, however, there are times in a conversation when someone asks such a question for which you are not prepared or that requires a greater explanation for which you believe that the other party has no time, then you must try to master the art of rolling it back to the other party in conversation. By rolling it back, you through the ball back in the court of the other partner, hence allowing them to speak, which automatically increases your chances of getting to know them better and plan your ploy accordingly.


Power of Follow-up:


The objective of all the aforementioned points is to prepare you for the final step that is the outcome of all the networking events and seminars. The outcome of all the smiling, all the listening and all the giving the chance of speaking to others is to increase the power of your follow up. You must understand the sales do not take place at the networking event; rather the sales take place in the follow up session with the connection that you have networked with during the event. Therefore, consider the networking event as a base for increasing your follow-up power.


Now it’s Your Turn!


What do you think is the biggest mistake committed by people when at a networking event? Which habit of people annoys you the most? What tips would you recommend to the newbies in the field of network marketing? Please leave your comments below!


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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63 Responses to “How to Be a Better Networker in Your Market Place”

  1. Brian Meehan

    Some good tips there. Guess it’s all about making a good first impression and getting to know new people. Not blasting your opportunity at as many people as possible.

    Thanks again for the tips.

  2. Lisha

    You write such great posts. it always a pleasure to read them!

  3. Vicky


    Wonderful post, I’m really amazed to check response/comments from other and I would say we must work to eliminate our mistakes in network marketing.

    • Nate Leung

      We learn and we grow from our mistakes! It’s the best way to move forward and progress. Thanks Vicky.

  4. Irene

    Great tips on connecting. I love the one about smiling. Everyone has their troubles, but smiling can do nothing but help you through.

  5. iswarya

    Great tips..i agree with your points

  6. Enstine Muki

    Hey Nate,
    I got into MLM this year in the health sector. The products are quite interesting and many are going for it – including Pharmacies and Private clinics.

    I have some knowledge in MLM offline but I’ll need to follow your blog closely for more juicy ideas.

    Thanks for these interesting tips

    • Nate Leung

      You’re welcome Enstine! Feel free to stop by anytime!

  7. Maggie Pimm

    Yes, Nate, I agree. I do not go often to Networking Events, however, from the few times I was there, I agree with you. the best thing to do, at least for me, is to observe, exchange smiles, listen, and wait for the right moment to speak when they ask you to.
    thanks for sharing

  8. Esha

    Nice article Nate!

  9. Daniele Holmberg

    Great ideas for networking Nate! I am pretty good about doing most of these but sometimes I need to be better at follow back. I also loved the idea of roll it back! I will do that one in the future. Thank you! Great post!

  10. Meli Horowitz

    Thanks for the tips. It’s all in the follow up. If there is no follow up, there is no future in the relationship you started when you met.

  11. marielle altenor

    I haven’t had the chance to be in any type of networking event (yet) but I’m pretty sure someone trying to pitch their business to me would be a turn off.

    • Nate Leung

      Yes, no one likes to be sold or pitched to. You’re right about that! Thanks Marielle!

  12. Dov Shapira

    I like the idea of people forget to smile
    Great point

  13. Shahzad Saeed

    Hey Nate,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Networking is one important thing I almost forgot at my early days of blogging 🙁
    But better be late… I started networking with friends and buddies on my niche and hope that will be helpful for me and my business.

  14. Sue

    Very good points. We can all use a reminder of your advice. We all go to at least one event with only focusing on ourselves.

  15. Jessica

    i love you point regarding follow-up, i find it’s the most important part as well!

  16. Veronica

    A common mistake is not making your rounds and meeting people. I also notice that people are kinda clickish at network events. Newbies, usually have to struggle to get noticed

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Veronica,

      I’ve noticed that as well. I believe that as leaders we should be aware what type of culture is happening at the local events. Thanks for bringing that up.

  17. Marjory Johnson

    You are spot on with these points and smiling is the key for me!

  18. Lisa Hodges

    Great points here and really like the “roll back” idea!

  19. Ryan Biddulph

    Hmmm….smile…..I know of some guy sitting in Bangkok right now who smiles all the time lol!

    Spot on tips Nate! So easy to master too. Smile. Disarm. Prosper.


  20. drpoisonivy

    I think the power of follow up is very important

    • Nate Leung

      That is why the “fortune is in the follow up”. Thanks for the comments!

  21. Kungphoo

    Good tips on networking events.. I need to hit more and more of these to get the word out! And i smile all the time..

  22. Krystle

    Loved it Nate! I feel a lot of people are not connecting in Network Marketing because they don’t build relationships, which is crucial in order to have a foundation for your business and to sell your why. All you have to do is keep a smile on your face and not get to know your audience. Thanks for sharing!

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Krystle,

      Building relationships is the foundation of the business model of Network marketing. That, and being able to bring value to that person’s life as well. Thanks Krystle!

  23. Joan Harrington

    Fantastic post and awesome value Nate! Love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. Merle

    Excellent advice again Nate. I just hate it when people go straight in with the pitch. They don’t try to get to know you first and should be just having a friendly conversation before trying to pitch you. !! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Shari

    Great article Nate – so many people forget the smile. People also forget business cards or contact cards – I hate it when I’m networking with someone and they don’t have theirs – then there is that uncomfortable fumble around when they’re looking for something to write on or with .. . usually asking for one of your cards to write on the back of or handing you a napkin. . .not very professional. Please take your business cards!

    • Nate Leung

      You do bring up a good point! Thanks Shari!

  26. Susan Bachelder

    Great article, great points as always Nate!

    My input on biggest mistake at networking events is “not listening”. In my opinion, listening is incredibly important. The only way we can truly build relationships is by being a good, active listener.

    It is awesome that this was the topic of one of the first comments! It is worth it.

    Thanks for always bringing value

  27. D.J. Paris

    Great tips! I will use these strategies to market and network better!

  28. Maneesha Malhotra

    I think this is one of the best article learn more about Market place & there are some valuable point those make it more unique post 🙂

  29. Samir

    Hello Nate,

    Nice post mate, I’m totally new to network marketing and I really enjoyed reading your article.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Nate Leung

      Awesome. I’m glad this somewhat gave you an introduction to it. If you need anything, please feel free to come back!

  30. Lawrence Bergfeld

    The biggest mistake people make at an event is that they talk too much and they fail to listen. It does not matter whether it is at your company convention, a networking event in town, a Meetup event etc..

    You have to learn how to listen in business and in life. God gave you two ears and a mouth. When you let the other person talk and you respond to questions and to statements in short answers then you are being a friend of theirs.

    And in business when they do most of the talking they are buying. If you do most of the talking then you are selling.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    • Nate Leung

      Rightfully said Lawrence. Most do not listen to their prospects. Instead of being “interested” in them, they are trying to be “interesting”. That’s why most of them wonder why their prospects run away from them. Thank you for the comments!

  31. Toy

    Excellent article that takes everyone back to the basics! Bravo!