Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) Review – Read This Before You Pull Out Your Credit Card!

You may have heard about global affiliate programs to help you in the marketing of your business. Often many affiliate programs take your money and offer little more in return than a link you place on your site, a few videos, and articles that you could have found on the web. GAZ—Global Affiliate Zone is an excellent affiliate program where they not only offer you education, you get a full mentorship program that focuses on results too.


So, before you pull out your credit card for other sites with questionable results, read about these great benefits first.


What is GAZ?



GAZ is an online business that teaches everyday people to generate an income online. The leaders who run the Global Affiliate Zone are committed to providing the latest and most up-to-date coaching and resources to online entrepreneurs such as yourself. They constantly keep on top of new ways to market your business. They utilize case studies from around the world.


They also believe in teaching business techniques that really work. Basically, they teach and coach you on the most successful online marketing strategies. They focus on the brand new entrepreneur or the seasoned veteran who has been around for some time. Everyone can benefit.


GAZ currently has over 4000 active members. Together, everyone can leverage this collective amount of knowledge. Through a combination of live presentations and trained coaches, GAZ is the number one resource for thousands of online business owners just like yourself, located all over the world.


How Can GAZ Help Me?


Before you sign up for any affiliate program you want to fully understand how it helps you to succeed in your new business venture. These programs are great if your business has stalled. Often many people want to pack it in at this point. But anyone with a successful business has never stopped. You’ll gain the inspiration and knowledge needed to keep going.


Here are four of the main ways that GAZ will assist you with your venture.


1. Business Coaching


You’ll be assigned to a colleague who is familiar with your field. They’ll be providing one-on-one business coaching to you through special business coaching sessions. This goes beyond being simply a bystander that listens to a talk and isn’t allowed to contribute or ask questions.

Not only do you get to ask questions and advice from your business coach, but they’ll also assist you in crafting a personalized game plan just for you.


2. Internet Marketing


You may groan when you hear that your training is going to include internet marketing, but this aspect can be more complicated than you think. It’s more than simply posting a photo or text and hoping that it will somehow convert to a sale for you.


You’ll get the hands-on training you actually need which will drive a traffic jam to your sales site. This will also give you plenty of leads which will lead to more sales of the products that you sell and believe in.


3. Training Courses


Once you’ve signed up on GAZ you’ll gain entry to a whole different part of their website that simply isn’t shown to the public. You’ll gain access to hundreds of quality articles that you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll gain knowledge of what you need to succeed.


You’ll also have access to courses which will help you put your knowledge to work. There are step-by-step click-by-click tutorials. There will also be live training sessions you can sign up to do.


Together, all of these tools will work together to get you the profits quickly.


4. Exclusive Community


Something that is a bit different than other MLM marketing sites is the GAZ Community. You’ll gain access to a Community area where you can connect with other members. You’ll get special guidance from some of the world’s smartest and best online entrepreneurs.



Sounds Great! What Kinds of Services Does GAZ Offer?


Once you join the GAZ Community you’ll have access to some great services, including automated sales funnels. You’ll also get “done for you” marketing materials, dynamic emails, and custom capture pages. You’ll also get to watch live sales presentations. Together, all these materials will get your business up to speed.


Here are more details about what you can expect when you sign up for the GAZ Community.


1. Get Private Community Access


With your membership, you will get private access to a great community. Here you’ll find all the resources you need to succeed in your business.


2. Live Workshops and Webinars


At least once a week you’ll get to do a live team workshop. You can ask questions of the Mastermind. You can also submit your ads or work for review from the leaders to get their input.


3. Get Coaching & Mentorship


Your coach will help you to map out a special custom plan for you. This will ensure that you reach each of your goals quickly.


4. Participate in Live Events and Masterminds


You’ll have the ability to connect in real life with business Masterminds and Leaders. Often people make discoveries or gain inspiration for future projects here.


5. Ongoing Training and Support


Training courses are designed to be simple, so you can easily follow along. Their goal is to get you the results you need much faster.


6. Step by Step Tutorials


You’ll get to watch the experts on screen about how exactly to set up your business campaigns, and how to succeed.


7. Close More Sales


You’ll be able to recreate proven sales funnels for your own business. These will assist you in closing your next set of sales for you.


8. Ongoing Support


Get great online GAZ support. If you get stuck, you’re only one message away from having your problems solved.




Is GAZ Legit or a Scam?


If you’ve run an online business for any length of time you’ll have encountered your share of scams. Some have been a complete waste of your resources—you learned little more than reading a library book on MLM marketing. Some sites may have been a complete rip-off—they took your money and ran. Others may have provided you with some good solid advice—that’s why you want to know if GAZ is worth the $99 cost.


Before starting with any new online business, you’re going to do some research. The GAZ website is nicely laid out. They offer consistent information on what services they provide. The bait they offer is that you’ll be able to close more sales. So, it sounds great when laid out on their website.


What may many be thinking at this point is what really happens after you’ve signed up? Do you really get all of those great services listed above? Is this a legitimate business, or is it a scam? Can it really deliver on what it promises?


GAZ has gotten a lot of attention on social media. They’re a newer company that is focused on how to effectively take advantage of MLM and Network Marketing opportunities. The goal of the site is to guide people who help close sales. It’s assumed that you already know how to do the usual marketing routines that have been established.


They’re certainly not the only company that has offered to help you to close the deal after you’ve signed up for their wonderful services. It’s best to take a closer look at what they’re offering. This is information that’s not readily available on their About Us or Services pages.


GAZ Product Line


After you sign up for a GAZ membership, you’ll gain use of a special membership website. This program has a big list of features. There are several training courses, mentorships, live webinars, and interactive workshops. These are all designed in helping to direct more traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads, which lead to sales.


The goal is to make your online business and/or website successful. This bait is what may make people think that the program is a scam, but in fact, once you’re in, there are a lot of courses and take your business to the next level.


Now that you know about the front end offer.  The back-end offer is Enagic.  Enagic is a high ticket business opportunity.  Click here to learn more about Enagic.



GAZ Training


The review of the training, webinars, videos, and workshops all reveal that everything is high-quality. The company has spent time and effort at creating some great learning materials here. There is also access to articles and other resources.


Apparently, affiliates of this program can send out e-mail blasts of their offers or products to special mailing lists. This helps the affiliates to draw in more customers that they wouldn’t have normally gotten.


Many people have gotten concerns about the company’s operation due to the use of mailing lists and other practices that have led many to believe it’s a scam. At first glance, you may think this too, but once you’re on the site you’ll realize there are truly some valuable resources here.


Compensation Plan


GAZ also offers its own compensation plan in addition to providing assistance for small business owners. For every recruit you refer to the GAZ program, you also earn a commission.


And as you begin to generate more leads from your own website, you’ll also earn income from there too. This is a technique that is used by virtually every other website with an affiliate program.



Not Another MLM!


Yes, when you join GAZ, it functions a lot like any other MLM. However, it’s filled with valuable marketing materials too. Use the site the way you want. If you don’t want to place the affiliate links to your site, then don’t. But you should still check it out first.


GAZ will automate a lot of your online marketing strategy. This helps the most inexperienced marketer to make full commissions, even within the first few days. On the site will also be the best business opportunities. Most of these are systems where 90% of the work has been done for you. There are thousands of people in the community, and everyone is focussed on helping everyone else. This is a nice community approach.


All you have to do is review the training materials, and place the plug-ins on your site. Now your work is done and you can make money. And there will even be someone there to hold your hand for every step of the way.


GAZ Membership Costs


Membership involves a monthly fee of $99, which will be attractive to most people who don’t like the fee structure of marketing websites that offer a monthly fee. This gives you permanent access to all the materials on the site, including training and the access of a coach. Some of the services are one-time, such as the hourly mentoring, while others give you lifetime access.  That is not to mention the costs of doing business with a back-end off such as Enagic.


Global Affiliate Zone Results


It offers a great opportunity for people who not only want to gain training in online marketing, but they also want to take advantage of the affiliate program too. Even some of the top product websites offer you a bonus if you get your friends to sign up, or if you lead sales to their products.


If you are excited in learning more about online marketing, and how it can bring you not only decent commissions but more sales of your products, you can feel confident in paying the $99 online upfront costs. This is an opportunity that is worth checking out.


What happens after I signed up for GAZ?


Once you have officially joined GAZ, you'll get on a one-on-one phone consultation where they discuss your goals and where you want to take your GAZ business.  The main focus of this call is to upsell you on their back-end offer which is Enagic.


GAZ is a front end offer that promotes the laptop lifestyle and gets you through the door.  You may have learned about them through a Facebook ad.  The real money is NOT made in GAZ, it's made in Enagic.  Enagic is a high ticket product which serves as a backend for GAZ. The cost of the product ranges from around $5,000.


So basically, you'll be paying $99 per month, and also pay a one-time fee of $5,000 for an Enagic machine.


If you do not have money to pay for an Enagic machine, you can still promote the GAZ affiliate program which in my opinion is still a great offer.  You'll get to learn how to run a business online.



Are there any other options out there?


A common question that I get often and yes!  Digital Genius Lab, among others I’ve mentioned above, is far superior in terms of Internet Marketing training.


How can I find out more information about Digital Genius Lab?


I hope you found this information valuable as you have been doing your research on GAZ.


Feel free to send me a message here, or you can click here to get more information about DGL.  If there is anything I can do to help or serve you, feel free to reach out to me.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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