7 Ways to Get People to Like You and Build Rapport

One of things that everybody seeks in life is for others to like them. There are 7 ways that the FBI behavior experts say you can do to get people to like you. Once you get people to like you, … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Turn Procrastination to Productivity

Forcing yourself to be productive when you feel like procrastinating is much more difficult than getting additional productivity from another person. For pretty much the same reason that you can’t tickle yourself, it’s hard to trick yourself into doing things. … Continued

Happy Birthday to NateLeung.com – Celebrates 2nd Year!

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How To Gain More Trust And Influence Over Your Customers And Prospects

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to meet a prospect and he or she turned you down, but when you pulled some reference card they listened to you? If your answer is ‘yes’ to this question … Continued

How To Discover Your Modalities and Representational Systems and Why They Are Important

Instead of making things complicated with the use of jargons and technical terms, today I would like to share with you Modalities and Representational Systems in the simplest terms possible.   We as humans have five senses, namely, sense of … Continued

10 Leadership Tips For Millennial Entrepreneurs

The generations of a few decades back were the ones who were happy in landing a reliable job and would spend their whole life in doing the same job, without any adventure or risk. However, the things have changed dramatically … Continued

5 Simple Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Your Business

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Why Relationship Marketing Matters

There was a time when marketing was all and only about finding the customers and pushing forward the product to them and then leaving it upon them whether they wanted to buy it or not. The days are long behind … Continued

Releasing the Fear That Keeps Us from Reaching Our Potential

One of the major reasons why people are not able to achieve your potential is the fact that they never get to realize what their potential is, and the lucky ones who do get to realize their potential are never … Continued

How to Fail Forward To Success

If you are a successful entrepreneur, then by now you must have tasted failure or failures during your career. However, if you analyze your failures and their outcomes, then the one thing that you would come to know is that … Continued