Can Money Bring You Happiness?

The general notion regarding money in spiritual and religious circles in general and the circle of people with no money, in particular, is that money cannot buy happiness.   Followers of this ideology believe that money is a materialistic thing … Continued

The Art of Asking: The Answer Will Always Be No If You Don’t Ask

From day one, the thing our parents teach us and what we learn at school is that we all have to be self-sufficient in our lives. Our brains are trained in a way to live a life that depend the … Continued

How to Find Your Purpose in Life

Every one of us lives our lives the way we want to live them. Some like doing the same job so they continue on doing it, while there are others who want to do something of their own so they … Continued

How To Share Your Ideas With The World

With the barrier between countries disappearing rapidly and the means of communication, increasing more than ever, it has become hard for a business to differentiate itself from another business. Everything a business does has already been done by some other … Continued

What Adults Can Learn From Children When It Comes To Business Success

I am sure that like me you might have also at some point in life heard the comment “don’t be such a child”. In general understanding, being a child means being naïve or immature or innocent. Thus, as age progresses … Continued

Why You Need an Attitude Of Gratitude

In life, people usually value and weigh other people on the basis of their attitude with others. Thus, those who have a good attitude towards others that shows civility and courtesy is consider a good attitude and people tend to … Continued

How to Smash Fear in 3 Simple Steps

Although the incredible Hulk is a character full of rage, however, despite all his rage and anger the thing that fantasizes us all about incredible Hulk is his invincibility. All of us want to feel invincible Hulk if not actually … Continued

How To Unlock Your Inner Genius

Primarily the people of this world, on a cognitive level, fall into two groups. First group comprises of people who are happy in what they do and would keep on following the conventions and doing the same job over and … Continued

The Relation of Sleep with Success

We live in a fast paced world where time is money and everyone is trying to make as much money as possible. Therefore, the common notion of success at present is spending as much time and efforts as possible on … Continued

How to Make Stress Your Best Friend

One of the greatest evils that people of today have to battle with, either regularly or occasionally is stress. In every walk of life, because of the pressure of all sorts, people usually stress out and this stress derails all … Continued