The Secrets To Avoiding Failure In Your Network Marketing Business

Most people are going to tell you that it’s not knowing exactly what to do, not having the technical know-how, or not having access to the resources necessary to take that big from just playing around that something that they … Continued

How To Be A Bad Ass – Live And Build A Life That Matters

In order to achieve true success in life you need to have a good balance of life and business. Sadly, many people may slip in one or both areas. A life where you’re working 18 hours a day and never … Continued

How to Stop Giving a F*ck and Start Playing Your Own Game

One of the greatest challenges in life is building and creating a life you want… on your terms.  All while ignoring how others see you and carry on. The art of learning how to stop giving a fuck and start … Continued

Why Failure Has More Weight in Gold Than Success

When you’re working on your business it can be a challenging road. You may feel you’re experiencing more ups than downs. Often you may be wondering if you’re doing anything right, as nothing seems to be working.   Well, after … Continued

It’s Time To Kick The Stories In Your Head To The Curb!

It’s time to ask yourself a really simple question… are you happy with yourself? Consider this for a moment. We’re not talking about yesterday or tomorrow, we’re asking if you’re happy with yourself…RIGHT NOW! That’s right, in this present moment. … Continued

10 to Zen – The 10 Rules to Succeeding in Your Business

Defining zen can be tricky as it’s more a state of mind or experience than an actual noun. Zen is actually a popular practice of the Buddhist religion, and is practiced from Asia to throughout the world due to its … Continued

How to Break Away from the Trap of the “Middle Class”

When you’re young, aspiring to be in the middle class sounds perfect—you’ll make enough cash to buy a house and car, so you don’t have to ever worry about money again. Wrong. There are many lies that have been told … Continued

9 Ways to Become A Successful Business Leader – It’s Time To Wake Up!

It may seem like a cliche but often it’s what you say to yourself that can determine how successful you are in business. If you’re telling yourself, “I can’t do it,” then what do you think is going to happen? … Continued

The Art of Storytelling in Business – 5 Steps to Craft Your Story with Your Audience

The marketer with that great story to tell is going to be the one who succeeds in business. Just imagine if his competition has no stories—his clients won’t be inspired into buying their products or services. A great storyteller can … Continued

The Trainer Method Review – 7 Reasons Why You Need This In Your Life

Have you ever noticed that there are a few people who stand out from the crowd? You’ve often admired them, sometimes hated them, and at other times ignored them. Here you are living your life. You get up at 6 … Continued