What Does Income, Fame and Influence Have In Common?

How to Live a Life of Purpose

We all who are born have to live our lives. Some of us live life being rich, while some of us live life fighting poverty. In any case, we all live life in whatever form it is available to us. … Continued

Neucopia Merges With My Leads System Pro


I know you also have probably heard rumors of Neucopia merging with MLSP. The fact of the matter is that all the rumors are true and Neucopia has successfully merged with MLSP. Therefore, all those who were members of Neucopia … Continued

Why It Pays To Be Vulnerable in Your Business

Why It Pays To Be Vulnerable

The world becoming a global village, the businesses achieving success, societies being productive, people living happily is all possible because of the phenomenon of connection. If people stop connecting with others whether it’s on personal or professional level, then life … Continued

Why Entrepreneurship Needs To Be Encouraged In Today’s Society

Why Entrepreneurship Needs To Be Encouraged In Today’s Society

The general trend in our society, in our schools and in our homes is that we encourage our children to choose professions that are reputed, dignified and above all offer a lot of money. We want them to be doctors, … Continued

How to Be a Better Networker in Your Market Place

Joined in business

In the world of Network Marketing, the general notion is that if you have a unique business and creative services, then all you need to do is to sell to every other person you come in contact with or whom … Continued

Why Bad Decisions Are Made

Why Bad Decisions Are Made

No denying the fact that bad decisions are as much a part of life as are good decisions, however, every one of us tries to minimize the bad decisions and increase the number of good decisions as the former do … Continued

Why Every Thing Starts With A Why?

Everything Starts with a Why

Without any doubt the key differentiator between success and failure, victory and defeat, gain and pain is the mindset of a person. If the mind is set on the right approach, then the most little of efforts results in greater … Continued

How To Help Someone Achieve Success In Their Business

How To Help Someone Achieve Success In Their Business

Every entrepreneur wants their business to run till the end of times. Every entrepreneur wants his/her idea to become a reality and make its name. In order to achieve these objectives, both of them work hard on their minds and … Continued

Major Personality Traits Exhibited By Great Leaders

Leadership Traits

It goes without saying that we all have different personalities and each and every one of us has a different approach towards life and different goals and objectives in life. It is the resonation in our personality traits that bring … Continued

Online Tips: How to Stay Focused

How to stay focused

Running every business requires commitment and dedication, the need of which increases substantially if someone is running his or her own business. All the home business owners agree to the fact that both dedication and commitment are a byproduct of … Continued