M & G Home Business List Building System – Is It Legit?

M & G Home System

As easy as it may seem that starting and running an online business is a piece of cake, it is totally opposite as in my experience there are a few things that are quite hard to overcome in an online … Continued

10 Biggest Myths About Being An Entrepreneur

10 Biggest Myths About Being An Entreprenuer

Every one of us is aware of the success rate of the entrepreneurial ventures. You can come up with a genuine idea, arrange the resources for it, do the homework and still face failure. To me the prime reason behind … Continued

Why Storytelling Is Your Secret Weapon in Social Media

Why Storytelling Is Your Secret Weapon in Social Media

Have you ever wondered that two businesses of the same niche, having the same target audience, deploy the same resources, yet one of them achieves success in social media marketing while other does not? To me the reason behind this … Continued

How to Generate Free Leads On Facebook

Generate Free Facebook Leads

The increasing and benefiting importance of Facebook pertaining to marketing in general and online marketing in particular has become a universal fact. Facebook has become a potential market for business and now businesses are aiming to make sure that this … Continued

What Business Cards and Facebook Have In Common


Although the revolution in technology in the form of online world has transformed the way things were done, however, besides the online revolution there are some conventional means of doing things, which still exist and have the same importance as … Continued

4 Simple Ways to Regain Lost Business After Mishaps

4 Simple ways to regain lost business after missteps

The saying “to Err is human” is true to its very core. We as humans are bound to make mistakes and it is the committing of mistakes that makes us learn things and thus progress in the future. Moreover, this … Continued

Brain Abundance – Don’t Join Until You Have Read This Review!

Brain Abundance - MLM - Network Marketing

    Let me ask you a few questions…   Are you one of those who are facing those who cannot find a mind to concentrate on things and a mind that is able to work harder and think sharper? … Continued

How to Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business – Part 3


In the previous two posts of the series of branding yourself by humanizing the business, I discussed three major methods with you that have proven to be successful when it comes to humanizing a business. This post is the final … Continued

How to Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business- Part 2


In the previous post of this series, I discussed with you the three primary ways in which you can brand yourself by adopting the approach of humanizing your business. This post is the second part of the series and in … Continued

How to Brand Yourself – Humanizing Your Business- Part 1

How to Brand Yourself - Humanizing Your Business- Part1

There were times when a business and the customers were two separate entities, and because of lack of competition a business cared less about the customers and did what it deemed fit whether it was pertaining to production or marketing. … Continued