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Nate struggled for months before achieving even the slightest bit of success. He had to
overcome several difficult circumstances in his life until he cracked the code of making money. Please share with the unique circumstances you are in right now that are causing you to want to make a massive change in your business over the next 90 days? *

One of the biggest causes of failure is procrastination. If you are accepted into my inner circle, you will be taught prospecting and marketing secrets. It is expected that you will implement specific techniques immediately. To maximize your investment in the mastermind, you will want to take instant action on EVERY aspect of this unique program. How can you assure me that you have the follow-through, drive, and persistence to keep pace with the rest of the mastermind members? *

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The most powerful investment you can make is in advancing your personal network. It is wisely said, "Your network determines your net worth." Similar inner circle groups cost anywhere from $10,000-$15,000, but we have strategically upped the value of this experience while dropping the tuition to a one-time $5,000 fee. If you are selected for one of the (quickly disappearing) 25 positions, are you able to make this investment with credit card, check, or direct deposit within the next 48 hours? *

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