5 Simple Ways to Find People to Talk to About Your MLM Business

One of the most challenging parts of starting a MLM Network Marketing business that most face is finding people to talk to about your MLM Network Marketing business. Many people are turned away immediately when they hear something like “I have this great opportunity to tell you about,” which can make it difficult to find people to talk to about your opportunity. You could have the best MLM Network Marketing opportunity in the world, but if you don’t have anyone to share it with you cannot grow your business. Here are five simple ways to find people to talk to about your MLM business:


5 Simple Ways to Find People to Talk to About Your MLM Business1. Have a party and invite friends and family


Although some people are not comfortable asking their friends and family to join their MLM opportunity, they can be a great way to get your business off of the ground. This doesn’t mean that you have to harass your own mother until she gives in, but you can definitely use your relationships to get started. You should have a casual gathering where you invite some friends and family that you think might be interested in a business opportunity and then go from there.


2. Use social media


Twitter and Facebook are easy and free ways to quickly get your message to a large group of people. However, you should avoid spamming and other annoying practices that turn people away. Instead, you should use your Facebook page as a way to interact with people. Give them a reason to come to your page, such as a special offer or coupon code. Make Tweets and updates sparingly and make sure they contain useful information that piques people’s interest.


3. Identify your target market


Your target market is the demographic that is most likely to buy your product or want to join you MLM business. You should identify who this target market is and then develop the best strategies to reach them. This could mean posting your link on blog sites in a similar niche or even buying PPC advertising from a search engine. This is a great way to get people that are interested to listen to your pitch.


5 Simple Ways to Find People to Talk to About Your MLM Business4. Go to events


A great way to get exposure for your MLM opportunity is by attending MLM events or trade shows related to your product or service. This will allow you to get in front of other people in the industry, or people that are interested in your type of product or service. One large trade show could get you massive exposure.


5. Be passionate!


This is probably the most important thing, as you will not be able to sell your idea to other people unless you are passionate about it yourself. People can sense when someone truly believes in a product or service they are selling and this passion is attractive. When you are talking to people about your MLM opportunity you need to show that you truly believe in what you are saying. This will give them the trust necessary to take the next step and join your team.


To your Success,

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung

Nate Leung

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Nate Leung
Nate Leung

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19 Responses to “5 Simple Ways to Find People to Talk to About Your MLM Business”

  1. Tammy

    If you “have a party” in order to get me to listen to you talk about your business I will feel duped and used. BAD advice. It’s like when some distant friend contacts me out of the blue, saying “oh my God, I miss you and we need to hang out!” And then I find out its so she can pitch me her MLM. Bad idea. Your friends don’t like to be seen as prospects. Be upfront with your friends about why you’re contacting them. Trust takes years to built and only minutes to destroy.

  2. Darren Spruyt

    Hey Nate!

    I like number 1, although I’ll most likely never do that until I get my own home! Haha… Homes here are pretty small in Singapore so you could probably invite a couple of people over and that’s about it.

    However, social media has no restrictions on the amount of land I have. The truth is all social media is the same as long as you understand the fundamentals.

    Reach out and connect with someone. Not spam them about your opportunity the moment you get the chance to. Nobody likes that. Although there are many people who still don’t understand that.

    It is very important for one to understand the concept of target marketing as I have mentioned in a couple of my blog posts. Most people think that everyone wants their product or opportunity, which is really far from the truth.

    Start behaving like an entrepreneur, and begin choosing the people you want to work with. Don’t let it be the other way around.

    Passion has to exist in any market as long as there is selling involved. Spot on with that bro!

    Darren Spruyt

    • Nate Leung

      Hey Darren!

      I agree with you, that is the great thing about social media is that there’s an abundance of people to talk to and you can build outside your local area and in other countries.

      Yes, everyone thinks that everyone not only wants it but feel they need it and they would be crazy if they didn’t join the latest and greatest ground floor opportunity!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Steve Clausell

    Hey Nate,

    Thank you for these nuggets of information/tips for finding people to talk to. I so agree that you have to have a passion for what you are doing. People can see and feel your energy in your walk, talk and posture.

    Great Stuff as usaul Nate

    Steve Clausell

  4. Martin Malden

    Hi Nate,

    Thanks for these tips – definitely initiating a conversation about your Network Marketing/MLM business is awkward, although that’s as much in my own mind as anything..!

    I don’t actually open the conversation with anyone about the business – I lead with the product. So I listen for problems that people are having and which could be solved by a specific product and I introduce that product to them. If they buy the product and it works well for them then I introduce the business opportunity – unless I’ve already found out that they have no interest in the biz opp.

    Alternatively, of course, if I know someone is clearly looking for something to do then I will talk to them about the business. Still, I usually say as little as I possibly can about it myself, other than to respond to their questions, and I refer them to my affiliates page.

    That’s probably all because I’m a coward..!!



    • Nate Leung

      Hey Martin!

      I’ve seen what you have done and the stuff that you share online. Just transfer that to offline in your local area and you’ll be fine. By nature you’re not an invasive or used car salesman type of guy. 😉

      With that being said, if leading with the product works for you by all means go for it. Now, if you happen to run into someone who seems to be great business person or entrepreneurial minded, I would lead with the opportunity. That’s not to say, if you do happen to come across someone who hates their job, then yes, that would be good way to introduce them to something else better than a job that they hate going to every morning.

  5. Ryan Biddulph

    Be passionate. Love the tips especially this one Nate. Your passion grows on people. Irresistible stuff here, if you can keep your energy high, you will rock it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Katrina

    Great advice!!!! And I sure am glad there are so many routes!!!

  7. sherman smith

    Hey Nate,

    Passion will get you everywhere. One thing about it is that the emotions you feel about your opportunity, products, or services will carry over to your prospects.

    This is why it’s so important to really believe and have a passion for what you’re doing. This makes you attraction and will lead to action! Thanks nate!

  8. Etieno Etuk

    I love it when you talk about being passionate, Nate. Passion is definitely a must in this business if you’re to see real success. Nothing great was ever accomplished without passion. Passion lights the fire and makes one’s dreams come to fruition.

    Thanks for sharing buddy!

    • Nate Leung

      Hi Etieno,

      Yes, absolutely. You have to be passionate about the business in order to be successful. Thanks for the comments!

  9. Joan M Harrington

    Fantastic post, Nate! Thank you for sharing these 5 simple ways to find people to talk to about your mlm business!!!

  10. Matt Insardi

    Take action and never give up. I prefer to build online and after they join then I make the connection over the phone. With social media it is so easy to build the relationship so they will like and trust you enough to get started.

    • Nate Leung

      Exactly. Social Media makes the transition easier to get on the phone because of the relationship that has been established. Thanks for the comments Matt!